Foster care: a broken system

Originally published at: Foster care: a broken system - Prostasia Foundation

The foster system is supposed to provide safety and protection to kids that can’t get that anywhere else. Yet, when I was in the system myself, I learned that this is not the case. The system might help some kids and give them safety and protection, but it is very common that it fails to…


This issue rings true for many CSA survivors!! I personally know 4 people who were in the foster care system and were victimized by the staff or by older children within these systems! It’s truly nauseating when this is somebody’s argument for why Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

A big part of why i don’t buy the “just adopt” argument against being in anti-abolition is that it knowingly and flagrantly puts children at risk of being victimized by a broken, underfunded, neglected system designed specifically to fill the pockets of right-wing and religious organizations while doing very little to ensure the well-being of the children in their care.
True, not all foster care systems are bad, but the overwhelming majority are very suspect.