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The Blue Lagoon, like ‘‘Cuties’’ is CSAM.

Personally, I think all copies of both films as well as similarly abusive material should be destroyed.

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You forgot Pretty Baby. Miss Shields, 12, left nothing the the imagination in that one. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There are too many to name but they all deserve the same fate.

Nudity, even child nudity, is not pornography nor obscene.

Twerking is not obscene nor pornographic.

Welcome to the 21st century, you prudish, puritanical, prissy, narrow-minded, uptight, squeamish, pretentious, prim, priggish, straitlaced, Victorian, busybody.


Kind of ironic to have this conversation in a thread about a movie set in Victorian times :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m not a puritan, I’d be burned alive if I ever encountered those morons but I am a law-abiding citizen.

Sexually suggestive material made with the performances of real minors should not be tolerated. If they were purely fictitious characters in an animated environment, it would be fine but the use of real children in such projects is inherently abusive. This is law and Prostasia’s mission statement has made it clear that the organization will not challenge legal rulings.

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The issue with those films is that they involved real minor actresses in specific roles, not adults playing fictional characters.

It should also be pointed out that in Blue Lagoon, all scenes that featured actual nudity were played by a legal-age body double.

I don’t think we should allow films to depict scenes with real child actresses in nude roles, especially if the film itself has adult themes and situations.
Leave that to adults and CGI or cartoons.

Cuties I can be convinced that the film isn’t inherently sexual.


Starring a 14 year old Brooke Shields and 18 year old Christopher Atkins,

Great, just what we need, a movie that romanticizes child sexual exploitation. I cannot think of a good reason why a child should be with a grown adult. It’s one thing for a child to be dating a similar aged child, but what business does an 18 year old have with a 14 year old child? None, none what so ever. And no, you don’t need “nudity” to violate underage pornography laws. So the “body double” argument is flawed. Scenes with the 18+ year old body double are legal, but ones where there are not could be unlawful. I have not watched this movie either so I have no idea how much is depicted. But regardless, Cuties obviously violates federal child pornography laws yet there was no nudity (and btw, do not go seeking it out or anything, it’s illegal to do so technically).

You’re not adding anything more to the conversation than what I already offered.

Yes, adult-child sexual relationships are not tolerable and I agree that using real minor actors and actresses shouldn’t be allowed for scenes or films depicting nudity, but your overall tone is far too combative.

Child pornography is defined as material depicting sexual conduct by actual minors.
A body double could work in these scenarios for that reason.


Truly regrettable that these are rare:

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So long as they’re adults or fictional characters, it’s all good.
There’s a thriving community of legal-age JAV idols and actresses with heaps of content being made. They’re just youthful-looking adults. They’re not that rare.


To @Chie @Hiccaries @zorzatorda and anyone else of these opinions:

It’s not illegal just because you don’t like it, don’t approve of it or consider yourself expert in the law.

It’s illegal if a court declares it so. There are specific requirements to be determined illegal. Since all of these movies, with the exception of Cuties, have been around for decades, they would have been banned if there was enough reason to. DID NOT HAPPEN. Therefore, no matter what your opinion is, they are NOT child pornography.

Additionally, under the ex post facto clause in the Constitution, the CP laws 18 USC 1466A and 2252A, possibly don’t apply to works older than 2003. Any lawyers out there that can weigh in on this?


No trouble will come from a simple search of the term “child pornography,” only the possessing and viewing of images depicting children in sexual situations will.