Fundies want to ban comprehensive sex ed

See here for an example:

The Library Board and County Commission support having this book there for teenagers! Judge for yourself …

The book is full of bizarre medical misinformation.

How is it wrong though?

From here

  • This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson
    This book promotes an array of homosexual and lesbian sex acts and instructs children how to engage in them.

Is it teenagers or children?

  • How Do You Make a Baby by Anna Fiske
    This bizarre book for 4-10 year-olds includes pornographic drawings of sexual activity.

But it doesnt encourage sexual activity among children! Its graphic, but explains why people have sex and how they reproduce.

  • Doing It: Let’s Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton
    As the cover (below) describes, this book promotes for children the idea of seeking “sexual pleasure” through sex, homosexuality, and masturbation.

Actually from the link:

Nobody really has sex all figured out. So Hannah Witton wrote a book full of honest, hilarious (and sometimes awkward) anecdotes, confessions, and revelations. Hannah talks about doing it safely. Doing it joyfully. Doing it when you’re ready. Not doing it. Basically, doing it the way you want, when you want (if you want).

So it talks about consent and not pressurung anybody.

  • Sex is a Funny Word by Corey Silverberg
    This book coaches 8-11 year-olds to be comfortable getting naked and being touched. And in particular, to feel okay having their anus touched.

I am reading it now and there is alot they dont mention from the book. Like how it explains to treat others with respect on p. 26, trust on the next one (as in trusting someone you are comfortable with to TALK about it), an entire chapter on body positivity, respecting privacy of others ect…and acknowledges that children touch themselves on thejr own

Similar to other states, Wyoming law exempts schools and libraries from prosecution for displaying obscene material. However, the law does not exempt them from encouraging children to engage in sexual relations – which is a crime in Wyoming and other states.

Thus, the Bennetts filed a complaint under Wyoming statute 6-2-31: Soliciting to engage in illicit sexual relations . It states that an adult who “solicits, procures or knowingly encourages anyone less than the age of fourteen” to engage in sexual acts, including oral or anal sex, or masturbation, is guilty of a felony with a prison term of up to five years.

These books clearly and unambiguously encourage and instruct children to engage in sexual and homosexual sex acts, and masturbation.

No they aren’t! Talking abkut sex and how to do is nkt the sane as promoting the idea of doing it! This is magical thinking in action!

There have always been small, narrow-minded people, whether fundamentalist or just plain stupid, who oppose this sort of important information. There will probably always be idiots like this. Let’s hope this gets the short shrift it deserves.

They think a trabs chikd talking about tueir experiences is the same as making transitioning sound “cool” and thus encouraging it: Teacher silenced, suspended by school board after objecting that kids’ book could encourage irreversible sterilization - LifeSite

Ignoring that puberty blockers are safe, where is the encouragement?