Gelbooru under attack from censorship

Details: Hivelocity is attempting to censor art. They are requiring us to remove content from our site in order to continue hosting our new server with them, and are holding our 5,000 usd server ransom.
This does NOT mean you should be flaming them, but feel free to leave them constructive remarks. They have given a passive-aggressive response.


Anime fans really are one of the most oppressed classes.


To my knowledge, only Japan and Taiwan are publicly supportive to loli/shota hentai art creation nowdays.



That’s somewhat surprising.

Although Taiwan is not a big country of manga/anime/game creation, it doesn’t forbid that kind of contents (age restriction of viewers is still present though), as well as many masterpieces are available in doujinshi conventions. Of course the people know that the things are no real child.

Smugloli has a sympathetic host who doesn’t mind.

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