German Censorship

Germany has one of the harshest youth protection laws and yet one of the highest abuse cases. Students in school perform awful. Games have to be edited exclusively for Germany all the time. Steam removed all porn games for German customers.

Germany has removed every famous porn site from search results (just set google to Germany and see for yourself). It’s unbelievable how much censorship is happening here nonstop. Remove pornhub as a result, but when you google that other porn sites will appear, so where is the logic? Just another example why censorship is awful it only grows bigger and bigger until there is no freedom left. However, as someone already posted on here they are really not happy about the fact that these sites don’t check your age, so they want to force everyone to identify themselves through ID before the entire internet is unblocked. Otherwise every site that is build around Communities is inaccessible, because 18+ stuff can be posted since they allow UGC (User-Generated-Content).

Discord, Twitter, Reddit etc. are only accessible on the phone when you are 18. You need to upload an ID, or credit card to google.

As you can see the dream of a SFW internet is already in the works and it’s pathetic how people embrace this mass censorship. I am also in love with the USK who keeps on demanding more censorship in order to protect children from all these shocking games. USK is germanys very own rating board (too fancy to use PEGI like everyone else). Some games are still illegal to own such as “Heretic + Hexen” an ancient game that looks like DOOM.

The movie “Dawn of the Dead” from 1978 has been illegal up until 2019. They can’t even keep up unbanning all the shit they banned years ago.

Germany has “There shall be no censorship” in their constitution, but it’s okay if it’s “for the children”.

Numbers are censored in Germany too! Yep, you heard right. The numbers 14, 28 and 88 are illegal to have on your car(plate), because they were used as code names by nazi groups. Symbols are illegal as well such as anything WW2 related even if its in your privacy. Banning history is awful for people who are into history in a general way without any bias. You want to enact a WW2 battle with figurines and need miniature flags? Nope. Educational use, or just as a collection? Nope.

The famous saying “Die Gedanken sind frei” (The thoughts are free) came from Germany during a period of mass censorship. Somehow they didn’t learn.

As a way to shame the situation I post the entire song:

Thoughts are free, who can guess them,
they flee past like nightime shadows.
No one can know them, no hunter can shoot them.

It remains: The thoughts are free!
I think what I want and what makes me happy,
but always inwardly, and as it suits.

My wish, my desire no one can deny,
It remains: The thoughts are free!
And if someone locks me in the dark/gloomy prison, all that is absolutely wasted work.

Because my thoughts pull the barriers to pieces
And walls in two, the thoughts are free!

I want to renounce forever the worries/sorrows
and want to never again plague myself with whims

One can in the heart always laugh and joke
and think: The thoughts are free!

The thoughts are free!




I am sorry this is all taking place in Germany. It seems like the German government, in order to avoid being Nazis, as behaving like, well, Nazis! There is no need to ban holocaust denial. As much as I disagree with holocaust deniers, having their ideas in the marketplace will expose them to criticism, and people will have a chance to know, by themselves, why the holocaust happened. For example, arguing with a flat-earther can be challenging, because we take it for granted that the Earth is not flat. Most people don’t know why a flat Earth does not work in our universe given our laws. Because some people argue against flat-earthers and explain why the Earth must be the way it is, there is more science exposure, and it makes people not take for granted what they know. Free speech is essential so that people’s intellects don’t grow lazy.