Giving respectability to blind hatred

A typical interaction-

Me: " Minor attraction is innate and unchosen, MAPS are not inherently deserving of hatred but instead should be extended the same dignity afforded to all human beings"

Anti: “it’s not an innate or unchosen, it’s a disgusting and sick mental illness!”

Me: “So what do you think accounts for this mental illness?”

Anti : “Childhood trauma, minor attracted people were molested as children themselves.”

Me: “I’ll grant that for the sake of argument , but wouldn’t that make your attitudes and treatment towards MAPS even less justifiable?”

Anti: “…”

They’d bring back phrenology if they though it could help legitimize their prejudice.


I dislike arguing. I just state facts and move on most of the time. People who contradict themselves and resolve to morality are just dumb. I had one guy tell me that loli is liTeRaL CSAM. He never answered my question if his own morality stands above the rights of others, or the potential of fiction preventing abuse.

Just let them have their opinion if they don’t give any supporting evidence. It’s already pretty clear what side is in the right. When antis link something then it’s abuse cases where X had also fiction or dolls. Tell them how a school shooter had DOOM posters, or played GTA a day before the shooting and it’s suddenly cOmpLETEly DiFFeReNt.


The irony is that people who resort to morality so often put in their foot in their mouths, and end up arguing for their own immorality instead through their short sighted bungling.

You give them enough rope and they’ll find a way to hang themselves.