Global Legality of Child Sex Doll

Hey everybody, what countries are child sex dolls legal in and would you ever move to any of them? Also if you already have moved to one of them, what was your experience?

Including content; NOW they’re denying vendors payment processing that sell smaller dolls (child-like). INCLUDING, the larger breasted mini-dolls! They don’t care. It’s simply whimsically based. Moral flaggers. Anime dolls which are smaller and don’t even look like a real person; some with large breasts, some with smaller breasts. Doesn’t matter. They keep the customer’s money, refusing to pay the seller. Just seems like another way to steal money to me!


Because in their minds, we’re the “villains” of the story, and apparently, the “heroes” are given carte blanche to do anything to “foil the villains”.


I live in a state where these dolls are currently still legal and I have 3 of them. According to the people who want me to be imprisoned for my plastic partners, I should be literally foaming at the mouth to rape a child, because the dolls are magically supposed to make me do that.
Contrary to the anti’s rape fantasies, on the occasions that I do use a doll for pleasure, I am sexually satisfied and ready to take a nap afterwards.
Using dolls for masturbation requires a lot more effort than handheld options, so it provides quite a physical workout.


They jump on the politcal “feel good” bandwagon when it comes to anything in the name of “protecting children”. It’s politically correct and wins votes in their minds. When in reality, most of those laws do nothing to protect children. Until the worldwide human trafficking and migration is stopped or much better managed; abuse related to it will continue. There is much more of that kind of abuse going on than any possible threat from a doll owner minding their own business.

Yet some want to teach kids sex ed at a very young age. Until they start hitting puberty, each one thinks the other has cooties! So why shouldn’t a campaign be started to eradicate the use of steroids in cattle? It’s been proven to get into the meat and dairy products which is why over 20 years ago we started seeing kids getting morbidly obese and girls starting their periods at younger ages. Anywhere from 7 to 9. Where’s the outrage there?

It’s corporate greed and politics that is the real problem everywhere! We don’t need to keep pushing around the edges, enacting dictates that go against personal freedoms that harm no one, of already marginalized groups that are doing the best they can to cope with their lives. Taking away every avenue they have to refrain from harming another person.

But it’s this Global Legality of Child Sex Doll - #4 by LegalLoliLover1 sort of thing that drives the masses. And taking hold of some kind of merit badge for spouting hate and horrible deaths to anyone opposed!