How can artists create without fear?

How can someone who refused to watch the film even do such a thing as “review” it?


Unfortunately, things are made much worse, due to hypocrites, like these:
Naturally, I’m the sort to value my own position above others, so I would definitely be more interested in protecting the loli interest than the MAP interest, should those 2 diverge in opposite directions.

So, loli is wrong, but him being attracted to children is okay?

Hypocrisy, yeah, but I think that he’s the sort that supports “cures” but still wants people who like loli to live in shame about it. Again, I feel camaraderie with vampires. The only thing more annoying than those trying to kill us is those trying to “cure” us.


A friend on IRC linked me this.

Patreon’s insane new rules don’t allow artists to draw ANY objectionable content, even on other sites. Even if you only use your Patreon to fund normal artwork, Patreon will try to hunt down your Pixiv / Hentai Foundry profile and force you to delete anything they don’t like. (Archived Tweet)

There’s quite a few alternatives to Patreon nowadays, isn’t there?

Not really. Patreon is the only place with monthly subscriptions, and I don’t know how ko-fi works. We are going to ignore paypal because they cancel people waaaaaaaay too much already

Not really. There’s places like Fanbox and Fantia.

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Also, SubscribeStar.

Huh. I spend a lot of time online and have never heard of either of them, and I would be willing to bet that not only are most of my fellow artist-folk unaware of them, but most of their consumers would be too

Fanbox is the “Patreon” of pixiv - basically it’s their own thing.

Fantia is just another Patreonesque like site which mainly caters to the Japanese.

I do know of SubscribeStar, but I’m not familiar with it.

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Meanwhile, in Australia…

Books Kinokuniya Sydney Removes 7 Manga After Lawmaker’s ‘Child Pornography’ Complaint

Australia is the same place where small boobs counts as “child pornography”, though.


And Australia banned three of the “No Game, No Life” light novels:

Here is a list of sites similar to Patreon that allow fictional taboo content.


I don’t know how much they guarantee anonymity, but there is always the option to use some virtual credit card.


Note that all Japanese sites censor clear depiction of sex organs even in hardcore contents due to their laws prohibiting “obscene objects” (stupid & bad laws though). Creators will be notified if they forget to pixelate penises or vaginas.

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Annoyingly enough, one Japanese site is now banning fictional depictions of bestiality - probably due to PayPal bitching.

(This has nothing to do with child protection, though.)


The current ‘‘epidemic’’ of minors looking at porn is encouraging a growing amount of artists to support expansions to obscenity laws which will hopefully prevent minors from looking at porn by mandating I.D or CC information on certain social media platforms.

Personally I think, that tactic is completely stupid. I think the best way to benefit artists and people in general is to simply advocate for the abolition of obscenity laws all-together. They are built upon puritanical and pseudo scientific values and don’t really help anyone, yet defending and upholding obscenity laws has become a sign of ‘‘moral good’’ and very few people dare to challenge or ignore them.


That’s FANZA, which isn’t a surprise. They’ve censored multiple keywords before, such as “rape”, “JK”, “hypnosis”, and “slave”, much like PayPal doing.

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Ah, yeah I see your point now! I misunderstood from the phrasing, sorry about that. It is annoying how most people do not understand that what we think is sexual is mostly opinionated, not even “sex organs” are always sexual. They’re just body parts.
Had to try to explain to someone just today that twerking while culturally thought of as sexual, is just silly butt shaking and so it’s only sexual if someone thinks that it is, or if that’s their “thing”. ;D lol

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