How Does One Appropriately Call Attention to CSA Online?

So, today on YouTube I saw a video seeking to illuminate the problems of a website where children
are actively being exploited in large numbers. The YouTuber making this video is trying to call
attention to a video his friend made warning people about the site, which was removed from the
platform without a thorough explanation. It was made clear at the beginning of the video that reports
had been made to both local and federal autrhorities. As I watched the video, I found myself growing
more and more uncomfortable. First of all, the person in the original video posed as a minor on the
site in question, and proceeded to publicly dox people who gave them their information. Now, we all
agree that CSA needs to be stopped, but I feel like certain things should not be publicly known.
Website names, logos, individual usernames and profile pictures; none of these should be made
public. But they should be reported to the authorities. Making videos drawing attention to the flawed
security does increase awareness, but awareness goes both ways. While it does make the public
aware, it also makes it easier for predators to exploit children until it is removed.

Watching it left me with some questions that I don’t really know how to answer, and was hoping to
see community feedback on
- How do we continue to foster an awareness of these issues without proliferating them?
- How do we verify users on a site intended for children when websites are no longer allowed to
keep any information on minors, including their age?
- How do we make sure people are held accountable for their actions appropriately while ensuring
that all due process and individual rights are preserved?
- How do we fight CSA without increasing victimization, ostracizing MAPs that aren’t actively
abusing people, and protect the rights of everyone without infringing upon those same rights?

I am genuinely at a loss here, and just needed to voice my questions

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Oh, this? Many videos like this are moral panic. Many claims are even fraudulent. They’re simply made on the basis there is a map there, therefore they must be automatically breaking the law. Even though it doesn’t make sense to be overtly breaking the law on a site you’re doing activism on…

In many cases, vigilantes will even get in the way of law enforcement activity. Like stings. And they rarely ever lead to prosecution. Some vigilantes like posting child pornography everywhere they can to try to bait pedophiles.

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