How many pedophiles are child molesters and vise versa?

In common public terms, pedophiles and child molesters are the same thing.

In liberal public terms, all child molesters are pedophiles but not all pedophiles are child molesters.

However, I’ve also seen this concept floating around which not only dictates that the vast majority of pedophiles don’t offend but it also dictates that the vast majority of child predators aren’t pedophiles in any sense of the term.

I’d like to believe this but I cannot find any sources to back this up, if this is true could someone provide some sources?

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Um… pedophile means attraction to prepubescent children, not someone who harms kids.

I disagree with the accuracy of both your liberal and common terms.

Most who sexually abuse children are not minor attracted, nor pedophiles:

Most who are minor attracted do not harm children:

As for sources, Prostasia Foundation has plenty:


In regular conversation, people tend to use pedophile to mean anyone who preys on minors, which infantilizes teenage victims, and conflates predation with attraction.
It’s pretty interesting how most rape is related to violence and power, and not actually the rapist’s sexual orientation.
I like the phrase, “attraction is not action”, because to believe so is the basis of rape culture, the idea that just because a man is attracted to a woman, it means he HAS to have sex with one, and so if she doesn’t willingly give him sex, he is entitled to rape eventually.
Many people conflate pedophilia, the attraction, with the action of predation, which can be something anyone does to any age.
Predation is always wrong, but an attraction to something does not mean someone will act on it, or at least act on it in any dangerous way.
There are many many many people who are MAPs and never offend, and many who never even acknowledge these feelings because they are so socially unacceptable and not their only attractions.
So, most child molesters are not MAPs but abusers who use sex to hurt others,
most MAPs never offend because attraction does not equal rape (which is rape culture),
And pedophile is only one group of the MAP umbrella.

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