How often do sex offenders re9ffend?

I ask because I am sick of hearing stories like this:

MassResistance helping WV city officials confront proposed LGBT ordinance – being pushed on town by national movement

“Transgender” activist leading the effort is exposed by MassResistance – as convicted child molester!

Back in 1998. And there were no offenses since then.

McIntosh attempted to vacate his conviction on appeal. In the appellate ruling obtained by MassResistance, The State of West Virginia v. David McIntosh, we discovered that according to testimony during the trial against him, McIntosh actually had a long history – nearly 40 years! – of abusing minor children who were under his care as a teacher.

Not seen in the documents. He did molest five girls long before his transition.

But in fact, it has become increasingly alarming how many LGBT activists are connected to the sex trade, sexual deviance, and even criminal conduct of a sexual nature.

So are many groups who are Christain and antigay. The Black Museum Of Priestly Abuse

antigay pastor molester - Google Search Clergy Child Molesters (94) -- References/Chronology Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion WV GOP Lawmaker Resigns After Arrest for Capitol Siege | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos


Not often at all:


Interesting how bigits dont mentiin that…


That depends on what kind of recidivism you’re talking about. If you’re talking about a new sex crime, it’s super low. If you’re talking about any crime, it’s 30-40% on average, but keep in mind that most often means probation/parole violations - things that ordinarily wouldn’t be a crime, like being late to a meeting, or viewing adult pornography, or drinking alcohol.

One study out of California found the following (2015) breakdown for what kinds of recidivism comes from sex offenders (California has over 100K registrants):

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That’s just it, tho. People hear the term “sex criminal recidivism” and assume it means the person in question has committed another, equally heinous sex crime. When in the vast majority of cases, actual recidivism of sexual assault’s pretty low. Much like with my CSAM topic, I’d argue people who blow things outta proportion only hurt the causes they champion.

I saw an unhinged, ranting, raving post earlier today where somebody typed paragraph after paragraph about how so many girls and women are raped and how all rapists are equally irredeemably evil and how capital punishment’s the only way to stop sexual violence, “kill them all!” It read like a copypasta, but I couldn’t find any evidence of this persons words anywhere else…

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This just makes me angrier at these bigots:

Well, if we start putting public safety as a priority, then we’re never going to build a utopia.

Utopias are dangerous places, where black people and various other unevolved savages from the world over run buckwild. Trannies are also allowed to rape your kids in a utopia.

We’re trying to build a utopia here folks, because that’s the purpose of a democracy and it’s who we are because of our values.

So quit it with the “public safety” talk, alright?

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