"How Proshipping Effects People"

This whole thing REEKS of victim blaming and avoiding responsibility. And it got 12.9K likes! Fucking unbelievable. The best part? The artist what made this is a minor themselves…


Went straight past “misguided” right to “hypocrite”! Thankfully, despite all the likes, most of the actual replies are calling out how dumb this is and some are getting about 1K likes a pop. So there’s that at least…

I’d laugh if it weren’t so pathetic.


Same energy as saying that Miss Saigon “affects” Vietnam war vets (which is a real thing that I overheard other customers talk about at a restaurant that I was eating at). Also, jokes like this require jokes in turn. The natural one to go to about why people are more triggered about sex than violence is simple.

It’s also hypocritical how one person should find “different coping mechanism”, but the other shouldn’t. Way that I see it? Of course, the famous quote from my brother, Mengde:

Again, please note that, depending on the context, 負 Fù can mean betray, offend, do wrong, mathematically negate, etc.

We’ll be posting an indirect response to it in the form of a Tweet about what it means to support survivors


Well, the very last panel is the typical “A” to “Z” teleportation. There should be a fallacy of general ignorance.

A: X likes the color red.
B: X likes apples.

Z: X will kill people to see their blood.


I also wanted to signal-boost this since the creator touches on how shipping can be a coping mechanism for abuse survivors

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Huh, I didn’t realize somebody made a proship parody of the anti thread I saw. Good work boosting this response.


My favorite thing to come out of this whole situation is the little cult that has developed around the Trey character. There are fanfics


Like I said, joke posts require joke responses.


…I’m sorry, the what now? That sounds hilarious! Are these fanfics proshipping him and his sister, the very thing the comic’s saying is a bad thing? If so, that must drive the original artist up a wall! Serves them right, being the gore-loving/proship hating hypocrite they are…