How to reduce CSAM usage by >98%?

How could it be done? How can we get these fuckers to stop accessing CSAM? What the fuck is wrong with them? Why won’t they stop? What are solutions that you see that can accomplish the goal of reduction of CSAM usage by >98%?

I still feel very strongly that a law requiring all imported electronics and storage devices (Including printers with internet connection) to have software installed that can detect known illegal images of minors and block them from view in real time is extremely desirable. As it can completely destroy any CSAM collector. I want to see the look on their faces when they realize all their “hard work” has been completely and utterly destroyed by a windows update. I’d laugh so hard at them flying into blind range that they would no longer be able to revictimize another innocent. I also think experimenting with AI that can block unknown CSAM from view for the web surfer (such as in a browser) is desirable by detecting features that only exist in minors and if they are in a sexual composition and auto censor in real time.

Sadly, I don’t see these ideas being experimented in the United States, but perhaps a country like Iran, Turkey, China, Russia or even a seastead could try it out, and if it works, we could adopt that idea here in the US! I know it’s strange that I named fairly authoritarian regimes, but maybe some good might come out of their willingness to censor. If some good comes out of it, than we can take the good aspects of authoritarianism and apply it to the free world.

If no solution is convincing, than AI and filtering laws will simply have to happen, sooner or later. If not in the US, maybe in Russia, China, a seastead, or on Mars when Elon Musk colonizes it.

That is an apple we don’t want to pull off of the tree. Once a software like that is made, I guarantee you that within 5 months it would be used to censor and oppress minortiy and anti-establishment groups. While I do beleive that the prevention of the use of CSAM material is a very worthwile goal, I think there are more effective (and safer) methods of doing so. For example, by destigmatizing sex as a whole, teaching children healthy relationship habits while they are younger and their brains have higher plasticity, teaching people warning signs to look out for, and increasing the amount of supports for people who suffer from an attraction to minors, including, but not limited too, better researched reformative justice

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Going full fascist would be undesirable either way. Freedom is worth the costs. Better dead than red.

Dr. Federoff’s research should help to erase this vile “sexual interest” once and for all.

Going full fascist would be undesirable either way. Freedom is worth the costs. Better dead than red.

Dr. Federoff’s research should help to erase this vile “sexual interest” once and for all.

I don’t think it’s advocation for fascism though. Serra and others do have valid concerns (which is why I propose we test this idea out on seasteads or even on smaller countries first). But I think of it more of as a form of vaccination against being exposed to CSAM. You can have mandatory vaccination laws without the society being considered fascist, so we can have mandatory regulations requiring all imported devices to have certain filters against CSAM.

This is about protecting victims of CSAM, but it can also be about protecting the end user from being exposed to CSAM. I recall that there were some people on virtual chat platform that got hacked and the criminal intercepted their communications with csam that of the catagory A level. Some of those members said it greatly harmed their psyche.

The only problem with what you are saying is that its like saying putting up a border wall between the US and Mexico is like a vaccine against criminal activity. While one could make an argument for it it is a slippery slope in regards to morality and ethics