How true are these "facts" about Prostasia?

hi, i recently discovered the prostasia foundation, at first its cause seemed good to me, but
researching more about prostasia I found this article:

For those who know the prostasia foundation, could you confirm or deny it?

I supported and defended prostasia on twitter and i would feel bad knowing that i support trash people.

Care to explain this? You’re more familiar with the site and the person who wrote it up, who, to my knowledge, had some personal beef with you.

I’ve not looked at in a hot minute, but I know it blatantly lies about several things while also misrepresenting certain truths to fulfill a ‘red flag’ motive, those being the employment of Hamilton-Smith and Jeff White, who were both in non-administrative roles with the latter being let go after it was revealed that he was a child sex offender, something he did not disclose.

But some pretty blatant falsehoods include the part about being in bad-standing with the state of California and collecting donations as well as some other falsehoods about Prostasia “intimidating” people, which is something that I personally investigated and found no evidence to corroborate.

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No, I don’t really care to engage. I’m no longer leading Prostasia, I’m just a part-time volunteer like many others. So in general, I’m inclined to let our new ED Jae Snell speak for the organization going forward. Also, I don’t feel inclined to devote more time to going on the defensive against right-wing trolls. They don’t deserve the attention, and Prostasia has so many positive programs that I’d rather help to promote. With that said, most of the key allegations from that smear website have been debunked many times before. Start on our social media misinformation FAQ page.

Also, bear in mind that many things have changed since 2019 when that smear site was written, including almost the entire composition of our team (although, contrary to what the smear site states, we always had some of the world’s leading CSA prevention experts on board from day 1). The author of that smear site, Ayden Férderline, has a pattern of lying, harassment and doxxing, while accusing others of doing the same. He has been banned from participating in multiple online communities.


I’ll bet this is that Férdeline guy himself, trying to do something to make himself feel better about the fact that his pseudo-troll site didn’t have the effect he hoped for :3


I’m not that guy, as I said I discovered prostasia recently and it was actually a supposed “map” that the article gave me, I just wanted to confirm if it was true or not.
I’m sorry if anyone got offended.

I can’t speak officially on behalf of Prostasia, but I can answer questions based on my experiences working with them and help you find relevant blog posts and other content we have explaining our stances and activism. Is there something specific in the article you’re concerned about?

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ok, can i ask you in dm?

Yeah that works!
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Just the usual bickering about dolls, comix, and hentai. All I can see is that whoever owns it is using a domains by proxy service in germany. The name is more than likely a pseudonym. It’s european, and his american english vocabulary is too good. For all I know, he’s another Qanon conspiracy nut, still looking for basements in pizza restaurants.

I found too many inconsistencies, first paragraph alone: “Public interest technologist” for five years, but it wasn’t officially a thing until 2019, in the usa only, and he hasn’t updated the website since ever. I could go on but, I have a life to get back to and this upcoming week is going to suck.