How well would a #MAPsAgainstCSA hashtag work?

I wish I could see a world where we could bring awareness to the fact that there are MAPs out there that are against sex abuse, but I know deep down that it’s just a pipe dream. I wish we could start a public campaign to demonstrate how many MAPs there are that care about doing the right thing.

But I know realistically that there would be too many MAPs that are not ready to publicly come out like that, and I know that the public would just cover their ears and blatantly not believe that a single MAP could possibly exist that actually is against CSA.

Is it just too early to try to spread awareness to harm-free MAPs? How long until we can really start pushing out the message that there are plenty of us that are against causing harm?


You can, there have been those of us doing MAP advocacy on Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and others for many years, and while it’s got more difficult given social media platforms hostility towards us (a sign that we had an impact) there are those of us still doing it. We may not be in a postion to do so without the anonymity of online spaces yet, but that doesn’t need to stop us, it’s never too early.

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Just put it in my Twitter bio, thanks!


Unfortunately anti’s would probably claim that its some kind conspiracy and we really support CSA. That’s what they said the no maps were doing.