How young until a parent should stop checking their childs computer?

I wanna hear some arguments for how long a parent should check their child devices, if at all

This is assuming they are making sure they aren’t being groomed/exploited, rather than looking for porn or anything like that

I wanna hear your thoughts :3 If you are a parent yourself it would be interesting input

In a perfect world the schools and parents would educate their kids properly (in Germany sex education starts in kindergarten) and teach them what is right and wrong. How to react etc and that it’s important to tell your guardians.

I am not a fan of invading someones privacy, so making sure that they know how to act and see red flags is essential. If that’s secured then there is no need to be overly protective.

Dr. Brooks Gibs said “raise them strong” in response to people being overly protective, because a child that’s afraid and clueless is more likely to be harmed.