I am looking for research on non-pedophilic child molesters

By that I mean situational offenders who do not have an attraction to the child form whatsoever. I can’t seem to find it via google.


I believe the vast majority of familial CSA are not pedophiles. Just abusive relatives or pseudo relatives seeking to control, punish or humiliate children they have access to. I would suggest starting there.


Child Molestors: A Behavioral Analysis - NCMEC

This one found over 80% to be situational abusers:
Dutch Rapporteur. On solid ground. Tackling sexual violence against children. 2014 - Section 2.5.5

27% (298 out of 1,113) of the child molesters were identified as having pedophilic interests.
A Brief Screening Scale to Identify Pedophilic Interests Among Child Molesters

Situational and Preferential Sex Offenders

There plenty more out there, a quick search for “situational child molester” yield loads of results.


my website (which exists for the sole purpose of compiling links both to scientific research & also to articles/podcasts/documentaries/blog posts about the differences between pedophiles & child sexual abusers) has some links to research for non-pedophilic child sexual abusers.

Specifically, the “research page” end-the-stigma.com/research


Thanks for the link. This will help alot.

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More: https://chronic-ally.dreamwidth.org/1387.html