I don't agree with a lot of the people on this site

I don’t support MAPs, on any degree, I think they’re individuals who are in need of serious mental help, the only real thing I agree with here is the fact that lolicon shouldn’t be illegal. I know that this will piss off a ton of people, but I could care less.

What would you consider the goal of that to be?


Okay genius what exactly do you think that, that “mental help” is gonna do. Also Mr celtic cross (I remember you) why is it okay to hate a certain group of people, you do actually have to give a reason.


At least to point of not being able to stop their urges entirely, but at least it under control to the point where they’re least likely to hurt children.

So by that logic MAPs who don’t have urges don’t need help?


You realise we are entirely anti contact, so of course we think maps who are at risk should get help. If that’s your only criticism then why do you think we’ll disagree with you? Also why don’t you support
“no maps.”


You sound like someone who never really thought about it, and so, simply follow the moral standard. Or in other words, you are just following the herd. Which I guess makes sense for someone who doesn’t care about it :thinking:


So support us with actual support, not stigma, hate, and claim with no expertise that we ‘need serious mental help’.

We are your children, your parents, your family, your friends, your coworkers. We exist whether you like us and support us or not. Accepting us and supporting us is the only rational solution, even for protecting children like you claim you want to.


These such statements reminds me that there are people who think a person must be labeled a rapist if they are simply attracted to other people. No physical violations are required in this assessment. Everyone is to be presumed evil.


Like that video where some CRT woman called white people “demons” (as an Asian who works hard everyday for that Demon King title, this insults more than any so-called “rightwing” racism), I wish that I had powers to rape people using Force powers alone. It’s like Death Note, where you kill people simply by writing their names down without even doing any actually violent actions.