I don't think these people understand that children do mastrubate on their own

According to this:

Kindergartners sent home with masturbation assignment

They are talking about this

However according to the book’s homepage

This book provides activities and discussions that parents can use with their child to begin conversations about how to keep safe from sexual abuse. It covers a wide range of topics including boundaries, bodies, public/private, touch, secrets, perseverance, trusted adults, body signals and many more.

These idiots don’t do the research.

I was never taught about masturbation by anybody, but discovered it on my own around 8yo/3rd grade. One day, I just realized it felt good to do that. I honestly felt ashamed, like a freak, like something was wrong with me. I’d cry after masturbating because I felt ”gross”. My parents realized I’d started masturbating, and while we didn’t have a super in-depth convo about it, they assured me that it was perfectly natural and nothing to cry about. Few days later, they bought me a big bottle of lotion.

I’m super grateful that my parents are so supportive, instead of the horror stories I’ve heard. Especially considering I’m Southern born and raised.

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