I feel like "normalizing" my urges rather than fighting them has helped me a lot more than any therapy could

Yeah, that’s it. It feels natural to me, i am not ashamed nor do i feel guilty because of my attraction. I genuinely believe my feelings are ok and i see nothing wrong with them. But yeah, that wasn’t always the case. When i firstly found out, i tried to fight it by trying to get help, therapy, online therapy and so on, i didn’t consume any lolicon content at the time. Tho i didn’t felt like a mobster because of it, i tried to foght it. And how was i? I just couldn’t stop having intrusive thoughts, obsessions with and fantasizing about them. There were times in which i could barely pay attention to class because of my thoughts, i was starving. Till one day in which my mind just accepted it and felt like it was just like any other attraction. What happened? I stopped obsessing with it, stopped fighting it and now i barely have any intrusive thoughts as i used to, i can easily just pay attention to everything without thinking of sexual thoughts. Now i consume content with lolicon and stopped beeing a pro censorship asshole. I feel like it was way better to me to stop obsessing with it.


I wish I had your gift. There’re many times when I consume porn and hentai that (while legal) is so foul and repugnant that my brain baselessly comes to the conclusion these creators are degenerates of the highest caliber and should be stopped from creating. How could something like Boku no Pico or Shoujo Ramune exist? How could humans subject themselves to animating and voice acting such things? And how do they continue to find work in the mainstream?

I understand rationally that these works don’t promote molestation IRL, and studies have shown that they may even help reduce such instances. But my irrational, emotional side can’t except this. It’s a struggle to keep myself in check. An eternal battle between the part of me that wants to keep kids safe vs. the part of me that wants to stop giving a fuck. Another battle between wanting to be accepting and sex-positive vs. censoring the fuck outta everything because I hate myself. It gets to the point where I’m afraid of myself, afraid I might do something rash because I can’t handle the stress. Like that shooter who targeted those spas and massage parlors because he blamed women for his porn addiction.

Life fucking hurts and it fucking sucks when a brain works like mine does. I wish I had your gift.

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Just so long as you accept that real-life adult-child sexual contact should not be engaged with, that’s all fine.

Reconciliation of one’s urges and desires with the reality of it all is, I believe, a crucial step in building the self-confidence necessary to live their lives and remain a non-acting adult. This is why outlets like dolls, virtual/simulated images, and fantasy are so important. Uninformed laypersons may think they perpetuate abuse, which is not the case at all.

Lots of people don’t necessarily feel the type of stress related to urges to perpetrate sex acts with a young teen or child, but still feel stressed out by their need to engage with themselves, and to build community around that.


I apologize, could you explain in more detail?

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Just saying that they should be free to associate with other like-minded ACNOMAPs.


Ah, I gotcha. Sorry that I didn’t understand at first, thank you for elaborating!

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I remember what @Giacobbe said here:

A person deep in despair from harassment and self-loathing doesn’t see the point in getting help (so if you’re an anti, keep comments like “get help” to yourself, you counterintuitive bastard). And a person who suffers from ostracism and self-hate who is unable or unwilling to seek help is more likely to become a danger to themselves or others than somebody who has support from their community, ready access to therapy, and is allowed to cope using fiction. What’s so hard to understand about this?

Not to mention abuse survivors that get stigmatized because they’re trying to cope, for example, by using fiction as an outlet.

People tend to say “actions speak louder than words”. Well, if someone consumes lolicon and not real CSAM, doesn’t that show that they are at least aware of the dangers of the latter and are making an effort into NOT consuming it?

And, well, yeah, there are people who get caught consuming both lolicon and actual CSAM. But, those are few and far between, as most lolicons don’t consume real CSAM. Why would they? We know the real stuff is illegal because it’s considered abusive/exploitative material and, for MAPs, lolicon acts as a “substitute”.

Unfortunately, many lolicons stigmatize MAPs, as they believe them to be “evil and disgusting”, just like antis. I suspect projection and/or fear of consequence are at play here.


Oh no, i fully understand that irl children can not consent. I don’t even question that, i’m only telling my personal experience with fictional content and how accepting myself has helped me.