I find this to be very suspicious

From here:

Vimeo has removed “Dead Name,” a documentary featuring “three parents whose lives have been shaken and forever altered because their children have declared (or have been given) a transgender identity,” from its platform.

Released on Dec. 20, “Dead Name” is an hour-length documentary that weaves back and forth between the stories of three parents whose children struggled with gender confusion due to outside influences.
Reads the film description: “We learn how shocking it is for parents to hear that their children in their mid to late teens have seemingly out of nowhere decided to switch from female to male or from male to female. In another story, we follow one parent’s nightmarish descent into the transgender world as her ex assigns a female gender to their very young son. In all these stories, we find parents struggling with disbelief, loneliness, helplessness, isolation and despair. Ultimately, each one’s ultimate fear is the medicalized transition of their child — though in one story, the path to medicalization may have proven to be fatal.”

Sounds 1-sided to me.


I haven’t seen it but sounds like parents are making the issue into a problem that doesn’t have to exist. If I had a son that decided he would rather be a girl or daughter that wanted to be a boy, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would make sure the child aware of the social stigma associated with transgenders, but if he or she still wants to go through with it, I would not stand in the way. Sometimes I think society is more concerned with what’s between a child’s legs than MAPs are.
As for the mentioned death, that is an issue between the parents, doctors, and medical malpractice lawyers.


I have complex feelings and thoughts about these sorts of things. I often fear the use of media like this used to take away my rights as a transgender person. This fear makes me empathize with the trans people who are quick to demand the removal of this content.
But I don’t think this content should be removed, I think it should be out there so we have a side presenting potential negatives of a given topic. The response should be to disprove ideas through fruitful discussions and counter argument.

On the topic of children transitioning, specifically medically. My own experience with this topic is I transitioned(medically) at the mere age of 15 and am still happily living my life as a man to this day. Despite this, I don’t blindly accept the message of “Let kids transition” but I also don’t take the side of “Never let kids transition”. I see both sides and struggle to find the right answer. I don’t think there is one answer fits all for such a complex situation. I have not seen the documentary, so I am speaking to the issue in general rather than its specific points.


Honestly, I don’t doubt that at all, I also found a lot of teenagers who seem to struggle with similar conflicts, seems to me that woke culture made some damage in their minds. That’s also why I’m of the opinion that we should keep children (and not confuse children with teenagers here) as far away from sex as we possibly can. Maybe with the exception of teaching them what sex is, but only in the context of: “see this? this is sex, stay away from it until you are older”. And I said maybe. Also, I do include all things related to sex like teaching ideologies of gender and stuff.

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Does the documentary even let the children talk for themselves? That is my concern. I often feel like these parents act like the cults they accuse others of being since they keep the children hidden.


Please look at this: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/survey-2022/

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Oh they rarely do in my experience. I can’t speak to this one but I’ve yet to see a documentary that does. Even if they did I’d be skeptical of the kid actually saying what they want to say because it’d be public for their parents to see.

For me, when it comes to criticism against children transition, I trust the parents far less in general. I think the people who bring up the actually good concerns are people who regret their transition. Although I personally think that some(too many) come to dumb conclusions that because they had been “failed”, nobody can really be trans/happy with their transition.

When it comes to parents, they do often bring up the health-related concerns. This is an important discussion.

But like a good chunk of them move towards this attitude of “well, they were just fine being a girl/boy. How did this happen?! Obviously they were brainwashed”. Which is just beyond silly. Parents often assume they know their children more than they do. When they get hit in the face that they don’t, they sometimes jump to the dumbest of conclusions and assume the problem is everyone else.

It’s like when their “little angel” ends up in juvenile detention and they go “It’s the video games”. Yeah, no. Your kid had a long history of behavioral issues and you failed to notice because they didn’t show you that side or you either consciously or subconscious ignored the signs of this reality.

Or when their son comes out as gay and they think “but you were always interested in girls.” No, your son liked to hang out with girls. He didn’t have an attraction to them.

It’s a failure to realize that your kid is an independent being who has a range of thoughts and feelings that will never fully line up with how you perceive them.


Yes, those statistics reflect my observations very well.

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So you agree it’s due to familal abuse?

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Well… Of course, the abuse from their own parents must play a huge part in it. But don’t you think society is already making a huge effort to make people become more tolerant? Like, I really don’t know what else can be done about it. So even after all this effort, things still are not getting any better. I think the most logical thing to do is to change the approach to the problem. Apart from that, there are other things to consider that are surely influencing this problem. First of all, this age of social networks is making everyone depressed. Also, It seems to me the very fact they became a minority makes it hard for them to connect to other people. It also seems to me those teenagers keep trying to find their own original identities, and they get frustrated when the reaction of people around them is not what they were expecting. So, I’m sorry, but I do think the very fact they end up questioning their own gender and sexuality makes their life soo hard they sometimes think about suicide as an alternative. I’m not saying they chose that, nor I’m saying there is an easy solution for it. But I am saying things change in the last few decades for the worse. And trying to go back some steps and make things more like they were 30 years ago or so seems to be a good idea to me.

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Do you have any evidence that people are becoming more tolerant?

No, I don’t believe people are becoming more tolerant, I also think they may be becoming even less tolerant. What I meant is that it seems like the way people are trying to deal with this problem just isn’t working. Like, no matter how much people try to force or teach others to be more tolerant, it seems like it’s making things worse. In fact, I remember talking to a few people who said they were less tolerant after the whole “woke” thing.

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