I have a question:

Do the images in the link encourage sexual activity like the writer claims?

Imagine being in the position to defend all of this lurid smut under the guise of “gender equity.” What sort of cognitive dissonance would such an individual have to overcome to believe that teaching kids how to lube their anuses up for butt plugs is actually just teaching Tolerance™ or Diversity™ or whatever?

It says it’s for teens.

It treats sex as if it’s a regular topic that one can talk normally about without some witch-burner yelling about “lurid smut.” It certainly answers the questions that teenagers actually want the answers for, if they didn’t already hear them from someone at earlier ages. With its casual attitude toward sexually transmitted microorganisms, it’s pretty far out on the sex-as-recreation limb (I’m a monogamous person myself). The samples shown don’t indicate what it says about HIV, which I as a microbiologist and gay activist would strongly encourage everyone to avoid, despite its antivirals. If the book is equally casual about that, I wouldn’t purchase it for any library I was responsible for. There are issues like development of antibiotic resistance in STDs that the authors need to reconsider. You don’t need to abandon all precaution to be sex-positive.


Its magical thinking in action.

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It didn’t get a rise out of me, but I suppose it’s more informative than the overly hairy 80’s porn videos I seen as a teenager.

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