I thought I had seen everything

we have a sitting congresswoman blatantly outright calling her opposition party “pedophiles” https://twitter.com/mtgreenee/status/1643019761272381440

Wild stuff :exploding_head:


Ah, yes. Marjorie Taylor Greene… Her existence as an acting politician will serve as an indictment against not only the Republican Party, but also against the GA district which she fails to serve.

Seeing her act so foolish, going out of her way to insist that the US is a ‘christian nation’ and harassing Rep. Omar for not swearing on the bible, to larping as an InfoWars host and harassing the survivors of the Parkland shooting, and later on harassing Ukrainian soldiers as they walk towards testifying before Congress…

Republicans entertaining radicals isn’t new. Her outspoken and sensationalist nature as a radical is underscored by her un-American views and mannerisms.


I know I shouldn’t refer to my fellow human beings as monsters (and thus dehumanizing them), but MTG is a fucking monster! Represents everything sick and wrong with American politics today. Theocratic, xenophobic, treasonous, etc.