Impact of Surgical Castration

Worth reading? I think so. In Russia and Ukraine they do medical treatment to reduce sexual urges for some child molesters. I believe this is a good move. We should reduce reoffending.

The post below is on surgical castration. I do not believe sex offenders should be forcibly surgically castrated unless their offense involves rape of a child and the offender is considered high risk. Surgical castration should not be used too often I think. What does the foundation think?

Castration don’t eliminate the desire at all, they still have the desire to rape and have sex with minors but since they are castrated is easy to ignore it and forget about it. Like when you want to pee but you can wait until arrieve home.
That’s why help should be available to everyone not only offenders because in that way you can stop them to offends at an early stage when they feel that their sexual desire is not under control.

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Not sure if it’s true, given that it happened 1800 years ago, but Zhang Rang, a eunuch of the Han imperial court, allegedly performed many corrupt deeds, and somehow, some of them sexual.