Inspirational Quotes

Those that peruse this forum should know my posts by now and what I’m all about. My opinions and ideals, my argumentation strategy, and my adherence to reason and rational thought. I take a lot of time to read up on the latest literature available, whether it’s about pornography and its supposed effects on people - good or bad - and the opinions and ideals regarding the public at large. I’m definitely a freedom of speech and expression advocate, whose ideals can only be dissuaded by scientific consensus and research.

Every now and then I read or see something that discourages, or even demotivates, demoralizes, and depresses me. I read stories all the time about innocent men and women having their rights and freedoms stripped from them over their tastes. Laws being written and enforced by rogue states and nations to suppress their people out of fear and moral panic, rather than a rational consensus on the facts.
I read heartbreaking stories of trauma and abuse from survivors, whose experiences have traumatized them. Their experiences and tastes, sometimes are affected by their abuse and I read about how pornographic media is a way for them to cope.
I look at these people and I pray to the gods I don’t believe in that they stay safe and free.

Sometimes, I’ll find a scientific study written in deliberate bad-faith that reflects the agendas of its writers that I see being posted like gospel. And it’s gut-wrenching.
Sometimes, I ask myself why do I even bother? I bother because I care.

I care about my rights and the rights of others.
I care about good science and literature.
I care about whether my ideals are shared by the very giants whose shoulders I sit upon.

But then I get that spark back. That thirst for knowledge and empirical founding for my beliefs to be bolstered, or revised and moderated.

Anyway - here’s a quote that sort of helps me stay inspired. I hope others can share more.

‘The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.’ -Charles Bukowski