Is Childhood Mastrubation a sign of sexual abuse?

This guy seems to think so.

I don’t know though…is there any research on this?

There is absolutely zero evidence which would link masturbation during childhood with sexual abuse.
There have been studies which have found associations between hypersexuality as a response to sex-related trauma, but those studies are purely correlational and do not establish causality.

There’s an entire field of developmental psychology which is focused entirely on child sexuality…
Children engage with and experience these cognitions in a manner that matures as they do.

Also masturbation is considered a form of self-exploration.
This redditor doesn’t know anything.


Thanks but I was also asking for research. He gave some studies as well. Could you address that?

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Have you checked PubMed?

(I don’t personally wish to type in the relevant keywords on your behalf)

I was never taught about masturbation by anybody, but discovered it on my own around 8yo/3rd grade. One day, I just realized it felt good to do that. I honestly felt ashamed, like a freak, like something was wrong with me. I’d cry after masturbating because I felt ”gross”. My parents realized I’d started masturbating, and while we didn’t have a super in-depth convo about it, they assured me that it was perfectly natural and nothing to cry about. Few days later, they bought me a big bottle of lotion.

I’m super grateful that my parents are so supportive, instead of the horror stories I’ve heard. Especially considering I’m Southern born and raised.

Lotion? I prefer using shower water, like the water pressure from the showerhead.

I tried that, just ain’t for me. TMI, but I don’t bother with lubrication of any sort anymore, and haven’t since middle school.