Is it allright for teens to read about sexual issues?

Looking at this story about conservatives trying to censor books involving lgbtq topics…I need to ask if their logic of “children are too sensitive to read this” has any merit that children already tend to masturbate on their own? At best the most compelling arguement they give is the fear that “it will lead to experimenting with unsafe sex”. I would like to see some research on this please.

Are these parents…or rather GOP operatives aware of what Children do on their own? Parents aren’t always the best at handling these sensative issues


these mfs would faint if they ever found my AO3


I think so. I remember reading a study which showed that the jurisdictions with the most censorship of sexually related literature also had the highest rates of STDs, not to mention teenage pregnancy.


Is there a source for this?

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…Why not? The more people know, the safer they can be when acting…mostly.