Is it illegal to be a manga fan in America?

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In February 2019, Reddit outlawed the “lolicon” and “shotacon” styles of Japanese manga art, by way of a complete ban on sexually suggestive artistic images of anyone “who appears to be a minor.” Since then, other putative free speech platforms have followed suit, including GAB (known for its alt-right leanings), and most recently 8kun, the…

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Was it not the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 and not The Child Online Protection Act of 1998? or are these two the same things? CPPA from what I read was just a blanket ban on loli far worse than protect act

They are different. Yes, the CPPA was the law that was declared unconstitutional in the Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition case. A representative of the Free Speech Coalition is on Prostasia Foundation’s Advisory Council.

The Child Online Protection Act is a different beast and the most important remnant of it is CDA 230, which is the law that protects user-generated content online, and that both FOSTA/SESTA and the EARN IT Act chip away at.