Is taking kids to drag shows wrong?

From here:

Going to paraphrase this twit(ter) lineup.
“Am I a bigot for disapproving of kids being exposed to hyper-sexualized drag queens?”


“Uhh guys it is a drag show…But the kid was totally fine!”

“It was a drag show, but so what? Conservatives do the same thing!”

“AKSHUALLY what is so wrong about it anyways? Expose your children to KWEENZ or you’re a right winger”

“…But I wouldn’t expose my kids to this stuff, really! Not to say anything is wrong about it!”

Frankly, should children be expsoed to this, or is this just magical thinking in action?

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It’s probably a mix of “probably not” and “but it’s not that harmful/ the harm caused is too nebulous to make a judgement”.
I don’t believe that children are traumatized just by visually being exposed to sex, unless maybe if they were sexually abused.
I was exposed to very “normal” TV pornography when I was 6 years old, I didn’t feel traumatized or disgusted back then, nor does it seem to have impacted me right now, but I can’t say for sure.

Kind of going off-topic, but I wish the energy we put into arguing about bringing kids to kink parades, drag shows… I wish that energy was spent on encouraging parents to educate their children on their bodies and their sexuality, instead. All I ever got from my parents was “masturbation is bad, don’t do it”.


Conservatves think that i of itself is sexual abuse.

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