Is this an example of "Magical Thinking"?

From here:

Here are some of the odious things included in the Teen Talk curriculum (CAUTION: graphic material included) :

  1. Resources for instructors and students
    A collection of radical LGBT and pro-abortion groups. And places where children can “confidentially” get birth control and abortions.

  2. Values Clarification
    Propaganda to change children’s sense of right and wrong, and to indoctrinate them in the sexual radical’s value system.

  3. Gender and Sexual Identity
    A compendium of radical LGBT propaganda that is being drilled into students as fact, but is unscientific and psychologically destructive.

  4. Sexuality
    Graphic and reckless sexual depictions and discussions that could likely severely warp a child’s sexual and emotional development.

  5. Samples from classroom sexuality “slide shows”
    The program is supplemented with classroom “slide shows” that use graphics and charts to further push their points into students’ minds.

Each link says things like:

“Private types of affection”: Besides helping students lose whatever inhibitions they may have about sex and intimacy, this reinforces the idea that if they are not doing these things, there is something “backward” or abnormal about them. And note in the bottom slide the depiction of lesbianism as just another type of relationship.


One common values clarification technique used on students involves presenting a list of statements that are supposedly neutral. The class is then are then asked discuss whether students agree or disagree with them.

However, the statements are all worded to give the subliminal message that the “norm” is a person being very sexually active and open to homosexual relationships and behaviors. The teacher subtly (or not subtly) reinforces this underlying message. The “discussion” revolves around which students disagree. But students who see all these statements with the same message will tend to feel that maybe there’s something wrong of “not normal” with them if they disagree too much.

And where is the evidence for this? The questions themselves makes no statements on what the “norm” is.

This really reminds me of the article on magical thinking

And this:

Can certain things change a person’s (so-called) sexual orientation? Science and experience — as well as a whole range of medical health experts – say definitely yes. Do factors such as early childhood sexual abuse or poor relationships with a parent have a direct link to homosexual behavior in later life? Unquestionably. But that’s not what students are told in this course. They are given politically-correct answers instead. This is a travesty.

Except sexual abuse is not the cause of gay behaviors. And poor relationships with parents usual are the result of being beaten for already being gay.

Here it is again

But in recent years, radical adults have been stocking those shelves with some of the most sickening pornography imaginable, including books that encourage children to engage in homosexual sex acts and sex-change “gender” procedures.

This compendium of examples was provided to Idaho legislatures. ( This will shock you! )

Note, there are descriptions of gender identity and homosexual sex, but not Encouragement! It is clear that they think not showing negative judgement is the same as encouragement. That is a false dilemna if I ever saw one.

Also from there:

1. H675 – Ban chemical and surgical sex mutilation of minors for “gender identity” purposes. (Passed the House; killed in the Senate)

Children across the country have been horribly disfigured by this medical quackery. The bill would have provided criminal penalties for taking children out of state to undergo these procedures.

Idaho MassResistance activists worked with sponsors and other legislators. They also gathered key expert witnesses, including physicians and people affected by “transgender” surgery, to testify at the public hearing via Zoom.
Dr. Quentin Van Meter, nationally known endocrinologist and expert on this subject, testifies in favor of H675

Too bad he is a quack. Likewise they do know children start out with social transitioning first. Puberty blockers are for continuing and persistent gender dysphoira.

No, but it is reactionary tripe without any grounding in reality whatsoever

It’s regrettable that this sort of hater is making a comeback, but history makes it pretty clear that the fight for people to exercise love will be heavily opposed and excessively lied about. There have been some actual radical groups in LGBT history, and the conscientious groups of education professionals are certainly not among their number, lol. But hater rhetoric will always insist otherwise.

I just realized that the handout don’t say what is right or wrong here, meaning that the idea they can influence children who simply look at them is bullshit!

Oh and when they say:

They give no links…which is good because they are probably thinking of the failure that is conversion therapy:
Science Journal Retracts Paper That Said Gay Conversion Therapy Works | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos Mormon Lesbian Teen Was Forced to Carry Backpack of Stones to “Feel the Burden of Being Gay” | Camille Beredjick | Friendly Atheist | Patheos Facts About Changing Sexual Orientation Countering Heterosexist Arguments: Countering Heterosexist Arguments Nonreligious Questions Gender-Identity Focused ‘Conversion Therapy’ Linked To Suicidal Ideation For Transgender People | Kaiser Health News Former Gay Conversion Therapy Leader: “We Have Harmed Generations of People” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos Studies of the effectiveness and safety of reparative and similar therapies Are Religiously Motivated People Able To Change Their Sexual Orientation? - Sex and Psychology Ex-Gay Leader Erased - The Gay & Lesbian Review

And finally:

An underlying theme throughout this section is that the student himself may really be “gay,” bisexual, or “transgender” – and needs help and support to “come out” and be who he really is. The LGBT movement screams that if a school does not have groups to support this, than the student is not “safe.” So students are encouraged to seek out a “support” group and “come out.”

No, it, because it says that everyone has a right to their opionins but not to discriminate. Also it offers resources that give advice to those that are comming out…but doesn’t encourage them. Where does it implictly say “you are gay and must come out”? Again this is magical thinking in action.

Here is one more thing:

This woman brought our MassResistance book “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” - and asked why the library isn’t giving kids that information instead of promoting the LGBT lifestyle!

Gee could it be because it ignores discrimination as a factor?