Is this sexualization of a child?

When looking at this commentary Desmond Naples getting unwanted attention from a pedophile, it made me think; is drag sexualizing children? For one thing this plays into a pretty bad stereotype. The idea that drag is done for sexual signaling is also wrong.

However I do admit that the nuance is easy to miss. Your thoughts?

I wouldn’t say drag is inherently sexual, but I’ve seen some troubling performances that have made me worrisome with regard to how trans youth are either portrayed or allowed to portray themselves, especially when it’s an overtly adult atmosphere.

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Drag isn’t the same as being transgender. I think we need a study done about why drag performers do this? Do they do it out of a need to sexually signal? Is it to parody it?

As a pedophile to be quite frank drag is not my thing, whether it’s kids or adults. I don’t understand why people think anything controversial with kids is automatically related to pedophiles. Humans being humans I guess.

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Humans being idiots, I guess.

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People who make crude sexual comments about kids are a huge part of the internet, to the point where YouTube had to remove comments from all videos involving kids. It doesn’t make the slightest difference if the kids are in drag or in tuxedos. This writer with all his 19th century misogynistic hateful foaming about “painted harlots” and “diseased tarts” has obviously cherrypicked this case to prosecute a pre-formed agenda against Desmond and his mother. The whole militarist misinterpretation of drag as feminization-of-viriles-as-weakening-as-self-indulgence-as-the-fall-of-the-Roman-Empire is grinding ideologically through this 3-year-old article. The bigoted author should have waited for three years - he could have got an author’s grant from Ron DeSantis and a tip of the hat from the hideous Chaya Raichik.