It's black and white!

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“IT’S BLACK AND WHITE!” they frantically type at me in all caps, foaming at the mouth to tell me I’m doing everything wrong and I want to “normalize child rape.” I’ve frequently been reported to Twitter by misguided people who have the topsy-turvy view that my work at Prostasia Foundation makes me sympathetic to child…


I love this article, it’s the conclusion I’ve come to: being afraid of someone just for an attraction is rape culture and thought policing. You have to believe in and support rape culture to believe sexual assault is inevitable based on attraction alone. That would mean, for example, men are doomed to rape because they are attracted to women if they cannot find a consenting partner. This is Incel logic, and yet we’re often hearing it from supposed “feminists”. It clearly comes from the belief we are owed our preferred type of sex no matter what that is.
A lot of people I know jump to the conclusion that someone must be celebrate if they can’t have their preferred kind of sex “for real” - but as a trans person who has to cope with a body that’s not what I would prefer to have and who experiences chronic pain issues that interfere with sex, that’s insane to me. Plenty of people have fetishes and orientations they cannot act out because it would be unsafe or physically impossible, and they find safe consensual ways to overcome this issue, through role-play and fiction as examples. In my experience, sexual pleasure achieved through play-pretend can be more satisfying because it can go exactly the way you want.
This idea that if you cannot have the ideal sex you must be celebrate is based in rape culture and ignorance of what sex, orientation, and sexual pleasure even are for everyone.
I really want to do the kind of work Meagan Ingerman is doing. Thank you so much for your work!

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Yes, the retributive vengeful form of activism that ignores the complexities of mental issues, and the idea that attraction is not the same as action; people with hebophilia or pedophilic disorder are not necessarily doomed to sexually assault or rape a child.

Sites like StopItNow, StopItNow-UK Ireland (More focused on image based offenses), Global Prevention Network, Don’t Offend Germany are the organizations that are doing great work.

As for MAPS on social media, I don’t want them kicked off social media. I don’t support banning people on the basis of a psychiatric disorder they were simply born with. However, anyone, MAP or not who abuses social media to trade CSAM should expect a ban hammer and possible subsequent police investigation.

While I will condemn blind hatred of anyone based on a psychiatric disorder, I will say I still find MAP attractions to children to be gross.

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