Japan's new bill to prevent sexual offenders

Japan’s cabinet has just approved a bill that does the below

Measures will be taken to require people working in schools, daycare centers, and other places where they interact with children to check their sexual criminal records, and if they have a criminal record, they will be assigned to work that does not directly involve children.

It’s getting a lot of praise from lawyers and such for directing them to other lines of work, but it’s also getting the government A LOT of hate for not being severe enough and not barring them from everything(even before they did anything). The QRT’s are full of tweets dragging the government and demanding they throw in age verification, loli stuff.

The below is an erotic mangaka with 200k followers demanding the government add age verification to all loli sites.
Screenshot 2024-03-22 220614

What does 2D lolicon content and age verification have to do with this? Are they trying to imply that doing so would prevent child abuse? What about the types of content they create? There is no evidence, scientific or otherwise, that exposure to any type of content would create risk.


I suspect something is being lost in translation here.

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She just wants a more strict bill, if you look through her account it appears her husband is a kindergarten teacher and she has constantly talked about the plights of loli. But this is just one of many QRT’s responding demanding a stricter bill, a lot seem to be accusing the government of giving a free pass to lolicons and even some opposition lawmakers so I expect this bill to be amended a lot.