Justice, at what cost? (The nature of judicial “prevention”)

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Truth & justice are two concepts which are both interwoven and integral to the nature of criminal investigation & judicial punishment, but they might often come at a devastating, moral consequence. On one hand, using cutthroat tactics & criminal psychology allows for the prevention of preposterous behavior before it even happens, but on the other hand, such behavior incites, or is instigated by amoral lines of thought, presented as a means of “justice”. In that regard, look no further than the seemingly foolproof criminal prevention method that is penile plemysmorgraphy; on the surface, it dissects and dismantles the modus operandi of criminals to be through observation of their “inciting element”, the Penis, though, underneath the surface, it may actually cause more problems than it solves, whilst being unsanctioned and unreliable. How can this be?! Well today, perhaps I may be able to change your mind on the nature of particularly problematic criminal prevention methods. Join me today as I explain the trappings and foibles of the criminal prevention system, namely through using penile plemysmorgraphy as an example, and hopefully convince whomever may be reading to aim for more constructive methods when it comes to “solving” or rectifying dire situations of a physical and emotional bevy. Let us begin.

Penile Plemysmorgraphy is a specialized scientific procedure that is supposed to indicate the willingness (or unwillingness) of a sexual deviant’s ability to commit illicit sexual degeneracy. It involves probing and examining the penis, the “murder weapon” of sorts, through usage of specific sexual stimuli, to properly determine whom or what the perpetrator has a penchant for, with reoffending given the most consideration. The practice can be tested on both men and women, though there happens to be a significant disparity in the number of accurate diagnoses, which depends on the gender (Males are usually seen as much more willing to commit sexual crimes, contrast to women, though that warrants a more detailed explanation). This already sounds a bit suspicious, but a clearer picture needs to be fleshed out before continuing. Moving on…

Ever since it’s introduction in the 1950s, courtesy of Kurt Freund, Penile plemysmorgraphy has been used to discern the psychology of those who have a tendency to commit heinous sexual crimes. Through analyzing whatever sexually stimulates them and how often it may happen, they come towards quickly reaching a diagnosis on an unruly subject’s mental health (or lack thereof). Those who have explicitly unseemly sexual interests (such as young children) or get aroused too easily and often are seen as potential deterrents, though as mentioned before, this may have it’s faults, as female subjects don’t get aroused as easily as men, but can still perform obscene sexual acts under the radar, without their sexual activity being seen as the main or contributing factor. That, and the practice may not consider those who can commit such acts of depravity and willingly control their sexual urges. However, despite the inherent flaws in this manner of analysis, the practice has seen an extensive amount of those who would rely on it. This looks to be somewhat troubling…

Naturally, this “sexual validity experiment” would find its way into court to test whether it holds weight; the results are interesting, to say the least. Within most courtrooms, namely those used in the United States, “scientific evidence” of this manner cannot be used to prove the guilt of any particular individual, for several reasons, actually; The results can possibly be fixed to lean too much into one direction or the other, the results themselves lack authentication, and the results could possibly be interpreted in many different ways, to say the least. However, that does not exclude them from being used on those who’ve already been convicted. For some reason, it is considered reliable for use on convicts, though many of the same problems apply beforehand, though they may be using the excuse of, “If they’re already proven to be guilty, it doesn’t matter what we do to them anymore!”. Indeed, such use on a convict may prove insufficient, as it could lead to the unintentional ravaging of their incriminating member(the penis) rather than specifically identifying a unique set of functions that reveal how such sexual crimes were committed, and then some. This is looking to be grim.

As made abundantly clear at this point in time, I believe there is an obvious point to be made about the penile plemysmorgraph’s actual practicality (or lack thereof), though a good part of the problem, half of it, almost assuredly comes from how it is used, and the implications that it holds. For one, all of the extensive tampering with a subject’s private part (namely a man’s penis) can lead to unintentional erectile dysfunction or something similar to genital mutilation. In protest, currently concealed sexual criminals to be can dramatically increase the number of sex crimes, in order to make as much use of their sexual glands as possible before they get prostrated, or simply out of spite. Innocent men who are fond of penis enhancement procedurals may be disillusioned from having or seeking sexual intercourse, due to their unusual penile properties being incorrectly diagnosed as signs of impending sexual indecency, without context of course. The reason why women haven’t been mentioned all that often is because they are much less likely to be tried for sexual crimes, and anything resembling female genital mutilation would be taboo, contrast to circumcision, so it is seen as less of a factor, though just because female offenders aren’t as spontaneous doesn’t mean they do not exist. With the increased public paranoia surrounding predators and pedophiles, this practice’s increased usage would resemble less of a preventive project, and more likely legalized sexual torture, seeing how criminals are no longer seen as people once convicted. However, all the problems may lead to some unlikely solutions & developments on what can be done.

Now of course, there can be workarounds or even solvents to this problem, though these are conceptual and would likely need to have the kinks ironed out before they become efficient; Moving on, one solution would be quite simple: contextual collection. Let me explain: In essence, it would actually involve looking into their sexual history and all that it entails, such as the number of relationships they’ve had, how much sex education they have in general, how often they have had sex, what kinds of adult material they consume, if at all, the list goes on. It would not be easy, but it would be far more effective than probing and prodding at one’s member after the fact. This manner of processing can occur just after some sex offender was apprehended, and they can be judged according to the severity. Another reasonable solution would be to hire certified medical professionals rather than sketchy ones. Utilize individuals who not only have an unquestionable knowledge and foresight of biology and human psychology, but also have restraint and moderation. They should not go on the offensive immediately just because they happen to be operating on a criminal. Convicted felons are still people too. With all of that said, I believe it is time to make my final assessments and offer some sort of conclusion.

In conclusion, penile plemysmorgraphy is but an example of how a potentially well-intentioned approach can be diluted into something abhorrent, given the right circumstances and conditions. Possibly the only thing more dangerous than illicit sexual crimes and other such foibles is how we view and deal with them. We can stand to learn from the authorization of self-destructive practices; they could be quite the convincing cautionary tales. Let us champion the ideals of sincerity and restraint and be sure to align our moral ethics so they do not contort into something unseemly. “Justice” and “Honor” are not merely excuses to ravage someone, they are codes to genuinely live by, full stop. While it is not entirely wrong to incorporate your emotions into your judgments, be aware of their limitations, and the possible ethical ramifications. True justice is in the eye of the beholder.

Wasn’t there a paper which said 90% of the population were attracted to pre-pubescent children based on this contraption? Everyone on this website, including you, me and even Jeremy Malcolm would all be pedophiles based on those numbers.

Competent professionals tend to get cancelled.

Yes. In fact, many doctors do have a conscience in more ways than one.