Leave us alone please

I don’t know who you are, and i don’t care
but i find it wierd that a child protectors charity would complain about our community sims deciding we don’t want drawn child porn on our game

there are children who play these games
do we want them expose to this?
no, ffs. use common sense. Also pedos need mental help not more fake child porn. go to stopitnow or something they might have a cure for you.

Ok, in this specific occasion I admite this guy could be my fault ^^", because I did leave a link from here in a YouTube channel filled with angry stupid people complaining about that sims mod. So, sorry if I damage anything with that ^^" But that’s also something I wish to know, do you guys care/want me to share a link to here when discussing about virtual CP? I know it may be not the case since I’m aware here is not a “lolicon or pedophile safe space” is an organization to protect children. So, you guys are in your right if you don’t want to deal with this kind of problem. But, anyway, I’ll like to hear how you wish to deal with those stuff. I don’t want to harm this place. So, if you think I should stop to share links in those kinda of situations I’ll do it.

Also, dude, go educate yourself please :confused: you don’t know what you are talking about.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

The Prostasia Foundation is a CSA prevention and survivor-support charity with an emphasis on science-based approaches that respect civil liberties.
To my knowledge, all there was regarding your controversy was a post by @terminus talking about your petition to get EA to step in and censor community-made content.
We discussed it, pointed out flaws in the reasons for why people signed it, it went nowhere (aside from a tweet from EA).

There was no harassment by the Foundation or any of its forum members. If you believe that people from our forum are harassing you, please tell us who you think they are and we will handle it. Harassment is not okay under any circumstances, but criticism is different.

Of course not, but I’d say as much with any type of pornographic or adult content. It’s simply not appropriate for those under 18.
The communities who create and consume this type of content are comprised of adults, by adults, for adults.

As far as “fictional CP” concerns go, we see your community’s lame attempt to grandstand on it as an act of pointless and harmful censorship to deny those who create and consume legal, fictional, and harmless media from those inclined to consume it.
Understand that your community is not the only community that creates community content for video games like The Sims and that different people may have different tastes.
This is not a matter of harm, it is one of opinion.

Again, that’s a matter of opinion, and a loaded one, at that.
There is no evidence to suggest that “fake child porn” is likely to incite or induce acts of CSA. If anything, what evidence is available shows the exact opposite, wherein it may lead to less crime by providing cathartic relief and help reduce stress and shame about their desires, two common things more closely associated with child sex abuse than pornography consumption.

While these materials may appeal to those with pedophilic fantasies, those pedophilic fantasies alone are not associated with child sex abuse in a meaningful way.
Pedophilia is an unfortunate reality that many people suffer with. They deal with a lot of shame and pressure from their peers and cannot live their lives without feeling as though they do not belong in it, and these outlets give them a chance to express and indulge in safe, legal, harmless material without the involvement of actual child victims.

Please reconsider your stance on these issues.



Personally, I’d prefer if you didn’t post links to the forum like this when in argumentative or combative scenarios. We’re not an army, we’re a forum for a charity.

I’ll mark this user post as spam and hopefully this will be the end of it. I’m not in the mood for arguing with people today, my head hurts and I’ve been feeling chest pains all day.


Ok, that’s fair ^^" I will delete that link.

Child protection organizations should never be concerned with about the legalities of fake child porn. Your job is to protect children, stop trying to get fake child porn legalized FFS. It’s illegal for a reason. We don’t want to encourage the production of this sort of stuff even if it doesn’t increase sex crimes (which it might very well do). Yeah I don’t want police resources being dedicated to prosecute drawings, but I don’t necessarily want those things legalized either.

Well, you have what you want. I have what I want. I value what I want more than what you want.

Like a proud vampire, I would spit out any “cure”.

It’s not illegal. So, if you understand that it doesn’t increase sex crimes, we are good, let’s just ignore the existence of each other. That would be for the best.

A child protection organisation should concern themselves with things that may, whether positively or negatively, affect the safety of children, so it is certainly something that it’s appropriate for them to concern themselves with.

I doubt you’ve looked much into Prostasia before coming here, if at all, so perhaps I should clarify something for you. Prostasia’s approach is sex positive and defends the human rights of all. Sometimes that means taking the less popular approach when that is what the science says.

I might be more willing to listen to your opinion if it was something more substantial than “I don’t like it”.

ur organization is not going to get much funding then. almost all americans want fake cp banned. have fun collecting donor dollars cus i aint giving u all any.

And almost all stupid peasants wanted “witches” burned back in the day. Both their opinions then and your opinions now are equally invalid.

That’s fine, there are plenty of people who do believe that a human rights and science based approach to child protection is right and that number increases all the time. Doing the right thing is more important than getting extra funding.

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I will donate to REAL orgs like NCMEC and Stopitnow. Why is prostasia better than those?

Do your own research and make your own choices, I believe in an approach that is based on science rather than wild assumptions, stigmatisation and appeals to popularity. You clearly disagree with Prostasia and never had any intention of listening, but there are plenty of other worthy charities out there, just do your research.

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They have valid CSA prevention value and they ARE legal in the United States.
See Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition and US v. Williams.


I don’t believe the “job” of prostasia is to get as much money as possible to donate to children’s projects. Like, if you don’t donate money to prostasia and do it for another children protection group. Then that is great dude. Why anyone would think that is a bad thing? And well, I confess that I don’t speak in the name of prostasia (or anyone but myself) but, for what I understood of people here. My understanding is that prostasia is trying to show people that attacking pornography makes the world more DANGEROUS to children, not the opposite as most people think. So, protecting dolls, lolicon, or normal porn, is kinda THE objective here, because we know that by doing this, we are actually making the world safer for children.
In other words, the “objective” here is to make people understand this. That is the way prostasia protects children, it does it by demystifying ignorance that actually harms children. Or, if I’m wrong, then I ask for an official member here to correct me.

Report/flag the posts for spam and move on.

There’s no convincing cultist QAnon followers who think they know anything about anything, but only wish to see their prejudices and emotions reaffirmed and reinforced against those they disagree with, and can’t handle the free speech principle in action, or the fact that certain things bother him. It’s people like this that I fear are the real child predators, considering how strongly they oppose victimless fiction. It’s not uncommon for people like him to get caught with actual CP or accused of sexual molestation, which are actual problems among QAnon circles, since so many of them are often caught attempting to acquire or distribute CP/CSAM.
There is no actual person, let alone a child, that is harmed, exploited, or depicted, with respect to fictional or fantasy material. These are not matters of fact or harm, but rather matters of taste being disguised as such and your people know this. These “child avatars” memes are another weak attempt at pearl clutching to try and blur the distinction between reality and fantasy with falsehoods and mistruths by skirting around the fact that such materials are made using legal, fictional references, rather than the faces of real children. There are some cases where real minors are referenced to create 3D models, but those instances are few and far between, often times made very clear by the usage and implementation. It’s not difficult for a hobbyist artist to construct a fictional face without reference.

Forum vandalism such as this will NOT be tolerated. If you wish to have a proper debate about the issues which concern you, then you’re welcome to do that. But hurling insults and declaring that artists and noncriminal consumers of legal, victimless artwork, literature, and other adult content deserve to be imprisoned because their tastes are responsible for hurting your feelings is not what we consider a debate.


Aren’t people under the age of 18, already accessing “adult” materials via “adult websites” by clicking “I’m over 18”, when they are under the age of 18?

What do you mean by “do we want them expose to this”? Who are we? If someone wants to see something, “we” can’t stop him/her.

Mental help for what? Can you explain what are the problems that need to be “treated”? Can you explain what makes “pedophiles” different from non-"pedophiles?

If you think pedophilia is a disease/disorder, please, feel free to show me:

  1. Genetic test/s that show the genes that lead to “pedophilia”.

  2. MRI scan results that show the brain changes/deviations that are caused by the genetic mutations that cause “pedophilia”.

  3. A study that shows chemical imbalances, in the brain, which influence the “pedophilia” behavior.

NCMEC is against end-to-end encryption. This is what they say on their official website.

Donating money to organization that is against your privacy, is not a good idea.

I also suspect that NCMEC supports the Nordic Model, also known as the Abolition Model - this is bad, because these “models” (laws) restrict the freedom of sex workers. Again, im not 100% sure that NCMEC supports this “model”, but im 100% sure that some, if not all, supporters of NCMEC support this “model”.

Also, we know that NCMEC used fear-mongering propaganda that was used to create the Sex Offender Registry. In fact, the Sex Offender Registry rests on the “Stranger Danger” propaganda. The Sex Offender Registry is harmful, because this registry violates the human rights of people, including travel restriction and restriction where you can live.

The reason why PROSTASIA is better than the organization you mentioned, is the fact that PROSTASIA doesn’t use fear-mongering strategies, misleading information, fake news, and sensationalist titles for their articles with the intention to get donations. In fact, PROSTASIA wants evidence-based laws, and this is what makes PROSTASIA different from other organizations that use sensationalist titles, fake news, misleading information, and fear-mongering strategies to scare people, so people can donate money, while the governments are influenced (by people, by people’s fears) to release grants for these organizations.

If you look closely, you will realize that human-trafficking organizations are using posters/images of ONLY women and girls who have false tears, false wounds, etc…, which proves they are based on puritan views - that only women and girls can be victims, because women and girls are weak, while males and boys can’t be victims, because males and boys are made in the image of all powerful God, while women are made of male’s rib.

The anti-human-trafficking organizations are fighting against human trafficking of “women and girls”, as if males and boys can’t be victims of human trafficking. The reason for this is the fact that “women and girls” trigger more emotions than “males and boys”, because of the puritan culture. Even on google you can see it. If you write “human trafficking”, and then click on images, you will see only “women and girls” as if “males and boys” don’t exist. This is hypocritical, isn’t it? Would you donate money to such organizations that are based on puritan views, and not on actual, scientific data? Would you donate money to organizations that ignore males and boys, and want to “save” only “women and girls”, because it’s easier to win people’s attention when you mention “women and girls”, instead of “males and boys”?

Organizations like NCMEC, are responsible for the today’s non-adequate “child protection laws”.

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