Leaving babies alone in a car is child abuse

Too many times, a parent will decide it is convienient to leave their babies alone in a car (which may or may not be overheating, all too often it is) completely unoccupied. They might do this so often it becomes a habit. There are too many stories like this out there.

Throwing someone in prison for one incident may not be the best way to address this, especially as children develop best in the company of their natural parents, except in the worst cases where state intervention is sadly warranted, however for this to be considered normal even is a travesty.

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I cant imagine anyone arguing that it isnt, but sadly deaths occur from parents negligence

I would say it depends on the circumstances. If a parent stops somewhere for a quick in and out and is gone for only a few minutes, there is no way for the baby or any other children to overheat. It is actually more dangerous, in some cases, to have the children accompany the adult through the parking area. Blanket prohibitions rarely work.

I think it already is, there’s also a bill in california that makes it legal to break into cars to “save” children.

New California Law Aims to Save Kids from Hot Cars | Uken Report.

A lot can happen in a few minutes, especially with babies or very young children.

The incident of children being injured or killed in parking lots far exceeds the incident of heat injuries.

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Oh yeah, I don’t doubt that leaving a baby or young child unattended in a car for a very short time is statistically safer, but a baby in a locked car isn’t being monitored, should the unlikely happen there’s no parent there to respond immediately, whereas injuries in a parking lot can be reasonably minimised and responded to immediately.

It’s more what feels right to me more than anything.

Yeah, feels right… Not what is right. When I was a kid, half a century ago, we were often left in the car when a parent needed a quick stop. And that was when few cars had air conditioning. No problems. You can’t make knee jerk assessments. I mean we might have been struck by lightning, too.