Leaving "the West" - Advice?


I would like to ask you guys for some input, advice, opinions etc.

My dream has always been to move and live in East Asia. So, to prepare for this I made some investements over the years, took language courses and graduated in a field I couldn’t care less about, but I know is in high demand.

I went out of my way to gather recommendational letters from some of my teachers back then (they do ask for that), paid for language certificates and what not. I basically have all the documents I need, but when I started this process the world was a different one. Literally one month after I chatted with my school director about going to Taiwan, and her telling me that I should document all of it, so she can publish it on the schools page as a fun story of an ex-Student, the chinese military aggressions started. Now we have Ukraine. Most people kind of forgot about Taiwan because of that.

So, I genuinely don’t know what to do now. It’s been over a year now since I prepared it all. I want it to be a one and done thing. Not the type of person to just go and return if it turns out like crap. So, I decided to relax for a while and see how things go. Seeing what the world around us turns into I started to think more and more about just doing it. I’d rather die by China than sit in a dungeon for Megumin (it’s not illegal where I currently live, but the western toxicity is god awful which increases that changing).

All I long for is a place where I can engage with people, in a society that’s not so toxic over these matters. It’s horrifying how the west is putting their colonial mindset on yet another easy to frame minority.

You might wonder now and think: “Well, what can I add to this? You seem like you already decided”. Pretty much, but any advice, or opinion from someone who did such a monumental step would be appreciated. I am still young and I wouldn’t want my dumbass to forget something.

Anyways, thanks in advance!

PS: if you are wondering how I plan on moving. As I said earlier, I picked up a job just for its demand and pay. Taiwan has a golden Visa program which I already had contact with and would get approved for. Plan B would just be to study abroad.

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So your asking us for advice on whether or not you should move to taiwan, becuase in taiwan you want to make friends so you can talk about jerking off to cartoon children. I don’t think taiwan is the pro loli utopia that you think it is. If you start trying to talk to people about your underage waifu your gonna get a similar reaction to what you would in other countries. Maybe the toxicity your talking about is getting mean comments online and in that case I would definitely not recommend moving to a potential war zone because of some mean tweets.

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I don’t think it’s necessarily about that…

I think it’s about attitudes towards free expression and liberal mindsets are typically much more lax, compared to certain parts of ‘The West’. You’re free to be an individual, especially as an expat/immigrant from a Western nation.

There are plenty of people doing this with Japan and Taiwan, as well as Denmark, Sweden, etc.

Punitive acts against a sexual interest, rather than hands-on acts, have motivated freedom-minded individuals to relocate where they can think and indulge without misplaced paternalism looking over their shoulders.


Hey, I forgor my password :skull:, so made a new account.

As @Chie already said it’s pretty much that. Why bother with toxicity when you can avoid it. I’ve been to TW a few times in private and it has probably the second largest Doujin community when adjusted to population size. Lots of active communities, online doujin stores offering everything. I honestly did not encounter any bad experience when it comes to fiction.

It is also unbearable to keep listening to western politicians going on about “we live in a free democracy” while those core values vanish when it comes to 500 year old Succubi. Yes, it happens elsewhere, too. However, the arrogance and hipocrisy in the west is making my blood boil.

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If I were in your situation, then I would have done it. Wherever you are, EU or NA, both are turning into prude shitholes. Everyone wanting to move to JP, TW, or Laos I legit understand at this point.

You only live once. Let the west pretend to care about kids. It speaks volumes that most of CSAM is consumed in the west.

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