Live by the sword, Die by the sword - Denver, CO shooter associated with Andy Gno

I should preface this post by stating that this is not me, or anyone else at Prostasia’s attempt to ‘gloat’ on the matter. Violence, whether it be through a gun or of a sexual nature (especially against a child) is intolerable and the consequences of such actions are guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on others. It would be uncouth, unprofessional, and worst of all, hypotcritical to celebrate this.
Moreover, the type of negative ‘guilty-by-association’ politics that’a affecting Mr. Gno is not to be joked about either.
This type of lazy, anti-intellectual cognitive behavior is the rhetorical equivalent of two monkeys hurling feces at one another, and I believe we are above such taudry acts.


So for those of you who may be unaware, Andy Gno is a Canadian journalist and conservative pundit, as well as the owner and chief editor of a publication known as “The Post Millennial”, a conservative and right-centrist-leaning blog that tries to pass itself off as journalism.

Much of my criticisms against TPE and its writers can be summarized exactly how I just described them. They’re reactionary publications that tell the truth, but from a biased viewpoint with the goal of triggering an emotional reaction from their readers. The way they do this is very calculated, from carefully-selected verbage, to other associations that are designed specifically to appeal to the prejudices or ideals of their readers.

They have gone after the Prostasia Foundation, as well as its staff, including its former Executive Director (@terminus) and the former Program Director (@Meagan) with the goal of directing a swathe of vitriol and harassment towards them.

Well, it seems the sword of outrage politics may be swinging back around, as the perpetrator of an unforgivable and detestable act of gun violence seems to have been heavily politically-aligned with Andy Gno, specifically their platforms against ANTIFA and (ironically) political violence.

People are going after Andy for possibly ‘inciting’ this act of violence, as it seems people are attributing their violent actions towards statements or implications made by Andy and some of his posts.

Andy Gno has published articles written by himself and others which target The Prostasia Foundation, riling up controversy against us for our reasonable stances on things like ‘kink culture’, child-like sex doll legality, and other things while also taking a hard-line stance against child sex abuse.

I don’t believe it’s fair to accuse Andy of ‘causing’ this. These actions were perpetrated by a sick. deranged individual with a lot of personal issues, none of which are anyone else’s responsibility to control or mitigate.

But I do believe that such an event ought to be documented, for posterity’s sake, to showcase the futility of this type of political rhetoric. I have no positive feelings towards Andy Gno or the type of ‘journalism’ he claims to espouse.