Loneliness, Friendship, and Pets

I’m a victemless pedophile that supports and participates in pedophilia sublimation (drawings and animations of what those drawings and animations were drawn and animated with being victimless loli drawings and animations, victimless pedophile and anasteemaphile (size difference) sex toys, the victimless usual things as you all already know) and I have a question (or few) that I have been pondering for a while. I only make a small amount of money and most people are just not compatible with me as friends despite my pedophilia let alone with my pedophilia and I can’t see old friends anymore because I need to ensure they don’t find out about my pedophilia, that aren’t in close proximity to me (logistical reason), and I don’t have very much money or time to go out to see people.

So my questions are, how do you deal with the excessive loneliness of not being able to have friends as a victmless pedophile that supports and participates in sublimated pedophilia or how do you make friends as a victmless pedophile that supports and participates in sublimated pedophilia? Also can you also deal with the loneliness just by having pets especially if you don’t make much money and don’t have much time to go out despite your pedophilia let alone with? Do you regularly talk to other victimless pedophiles or not bother for online safety (including privacy)? How do you deal with the fact of future deaths of friends and/or pets and the grieving of them?

These are a lot of very complex and specialised questions although I do think that they are very important. I’m interested about the pets option specifically as well because systemically (including globally) at least some dogs and cats have better lives being cared for and owned by humans although I’m not too sure anyways. Please discuss and let me know what you think. Thank you for your time.

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Not very well, not very well at all. Humans are social creatures and outright require friendship to survive. I have no friends, am very suicidal…

I ended up adopting a 7 month old puppy a few months back. I’ve had dogs for over 35 years. My last 2 passed last year and I wanted to go pet free for a while. I didn’t want a dog but she fell into my lap. Thank goodness she was already well housebroken, is very smart and learns quickly. She’s also super affectionate which has helped me quite a bit fight off life’s blues. She’s can be a little too hyper at times, but I’m starting to really like her. She’s very sweet! Just some food for thought.

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It’s definitely possible to have normal friends while being a pedophile, but I can certainly understand not wanting to spend a lot of time with them. There are friends that I only see 3-4 times per year on holidays and that’s good enough for me. They don’t know about my sexuality and I don’t need to talk about it during our brief time together.

There are also MAPS who I consider friends online that I spend time with every week. Within 3D virtual worlds similar to SecondLife, we can meet, role play / age play, build, watch movies, or whatever in a safe environment that doesn’t contain any real CSAM. Some people I have met in these spaces have been my friends for over 10 years, and one became my real life fiancée.

As for pets, I have raised dogs for most all of my life, but after my last two passed away of old age last year, I only have a cat and two rats. They are far easier to care for than dogs. I hear rats only have about a 3 year lifespan, and once they go, I am interested in trying to raise guinea pigs.