Look at this crap. This site doesn't even know what is sex appropriate

From here

"Judith Reisman, Ph.D., is the director of Liberty Child protection center at the Liberty University School of Law. She said:

“When a child looks at a pornographic image, within three-tenths of a second, that’s imprinted on his brain and on her brain – permanently.

We know that there’s an action that takes place that’s called mirroring images so that children will want to or will act out what they see."

Except that Riseman is a fraud:



"“Questions about pubertal blockers, medications that delay the onset of puberty, may also arise during or after [a] workshop. A simple answer is that these medications are considered safe and have been used for years for cisgender youth who experience precocious (very early) puberty.

For transgender youth, the medication prevents unwanted changes of puberty from happening so the youth, their family, and their physician have time to decide what is best for them.”

Emphasis added because, no they are absolutely not considered safe."

Except that they are safe:

“For example, in one CSE program, Our Whole Lives, a “core” book as a part of the curriculum is called It’s Perfectly Normal. In this book, recommended in the program for ages 10-15, is full of over 60 nude pictures, to include adults having sex, teens masturbating, and a man putting on a condom.”

Their link doesn’t show the book they mention…great job! For the record, that book is for grades 10-12. So they can’t even get that right.

In the interest of time and space, I will just give you a few examples straight out of the lesson plan

Don’t bother as her link doesn’t match what she later says, and I can find no evidence of it anywhere else but her article.

In a pamphlet given as part of the curriculum, called Healthy, Happy, and Hot, children are told they have the right to hide their HIV status from sexual partners if they feel uncomfortable disclosing that information.

That pamphlet she mentions is for teens already afflicted with HIV.


To those individuals considering a gender-change surgery!
Please read this first! 1 Year After Sex Change, This Teen Regrets His ‘Frankenstein Hack Job’.

It was an anyomous letter which repeats the same old story