Looking for information on lolicon use by survivors

I’m looking for research/testimonials/other information about the use of lolicon as a coping mechanism among CSA survivors. I’ve come across a few examples before, so I know they exist, but I never bothered saving them. Please let me know if you’re aware of anything.

This is for a blog post I’m working on.


Any luck getting responses to this one?

Haven’t gotten anything yet

this is old & from a very different source but could be a helpful place to start for people: https://twitter.com/lizcourserants/status/1276245318582050818


I posted a tweet. Hopefully it brings more eyes to this!


How can I reach out to you? I would be down to share my experience.


You should be able to send @elliot a direct message by viewing his profile here on the forum.

Also, Elliot, I’ve taken the liberty of sharing the link to your post on the forum with others on Twitter and elsewhere. It might be helpful to include your Prostasia email address as well so that way people can reach out to you without having to join the forum. Just makes things more accessible.


Any responses?

Nothing directly related to this, but I’ve been using the google form that was shared here

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I was into lolicon quite a bit in my teens through 20’s but my interest in all 2D anime kind of died out. I still like seeing it once in a while, but the more realistic 3D content is more useful to me currently. You are welcome to email me any questions concerning it.

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