Looking into Schediaphiles

This is something which is mentioned a lot, but which otherwise outside of the community seems to be largely overlooked. Some people report it as an attraction to cartoons, partly due to the aesthetics of it.

Some even claim to be exclusive schediaphiles who are not interested in anything else.

Schediaphilia is a very common varient of sexual attraction. I often find fictional cartoon characters attractive but it is very dependent on the character. Schediaphilia is not illegal by any means but is socially frowned upon and often associated with being a ‘‘neckbeard’’ or ‘‘incel’’.

I’m technically a schediaphile since I’m a furry.

As far as I know of, the attraction isn’t officially recognized by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association. I do not even think it’s been a topic of discussion with the two. Likely because it’s a new thing but it’s damn sure real.

In saying that, when it comes to paraphilia’s, there is no definition that requires the EXCLUSIVE attraction to X. You can have said paraphilia but have some interest in the thing outside of your main attraction.

Two paraphilias and two sexual orientations. Heterosexual pedophile (I think it’s getting weaker tbh, it’s worse if I’m stressed), schediaphile and autopedophile.

The entire concept of ‘‘paraphilias’’ is stupid in the first place. It’s basically ‘‘I think this sexual topic is weird so i’m going to recognize it as a mental disorder’’.

I estimate that the vast majority of people are ‘‘schediaphiles’’, countless people find fictional characters attractive, if they didn’t. Fictional characters wouldn’t be made intentionally attractive to market them.

Some are exclusive and many are non-exclusive.

It isn’t really something to be ashamed of, especially if a fixation on cartoons can help divert people off real children, a cartoon child is just a drawing after-all. If there was a way to reliably train people to have that disposition, then that could be highly beneficial in child protection.

One of the weird phenomena reported is that you can be attracted to body types and physiques completely unlike those you would be attracted to in reality. For instance, someone who is into lolicon might not necessarily be a pedophile, but someone more interested into the aesthetics of it.