Man arrested for stealing sausage rolls killed himself after police labelled him a paedophile

This is just tragic and depressing on so many levels…

A man who was arrested for stealing Greggs sausage rolls killed himself after being mistakenly described by police as a paedophile, an inquest has heard.

Brian Temple, 34, from Redcar killed himself on New Year’s Eve in 2017 almost seven months after the alleged theft of a packet of Greggs snacks, Teesside coroner’s court was told, according to TeessideLive.

When he was let out of custody, Temple’s release papers wrongly stated that he had been suspected of inciting sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl.

Temple did not know of the error when he gave the papers to his then girlfriend, the court heard. When she then began spreading the incorrect information, Temple was subjected to verbal and physical abuse and his home was attacked, the court heard.

He also reported threats and assaults to the police, the court heard. But visits by police welfare officers to Temple’s home only fuelled unfounded suspicions about him, the court was told.

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I mean I’m not surprised by police incompetence. But holy shit!


Wait, did he not read his own papers?

Nope. But I’m guessing he didn’t expect the police to royally fuck that up.

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What the actual shit is this?! Fuck you, you stupid fucking cops! And fuck you too, you stupid fucking mob! Fuck, even if he did do what was said of him, this behavior and treatment is fucking pathetic for a “civilized” society! Goddamn fucking shit, I’m seeing red and seething from this.

Don’t sugarcoat, tell us what you really think.

I think these cops are idiots and these mob people are evil. As far as I’m concerned, blood is on their hands.

I agree completely. I just thought your earlier post was a little over the top. No offense meant.

This is almost as outrageous as the police response to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

I don’t think any response is too outrageous over what amounts to a murder victim. If that was my family, I’d be shaking from being so angry…