Man photographed as baby on ‘Nevermind’ cover sues Nirvana, alleging that the album cover is child pornography

Saw this trending on twitter.

Most people consider the man in question to be a ‘‘gold digger’’ largely because he has recreated the image several times since the album’s release and didn’t seem to be bothered by it until now.


Robert Y. Lewis, Elden’s lawyer, offers an unusual interpretation of the image to argue that it crosses the line into child porn, writing that the inclusion of currency in the shot makes the baby appear “like a sex worker.”

That’s one hell of a reach!

If he wants compensation then fair enough, but saying that the image is CP isn’t going to get anywhere because it simply isn’t by any standard.


Well that has “I’m broke!” written all over it.


We need a way to take down SFW images of children that were distributed, if the subject asks, without forcing them to resort to the “it’s CSAM” line because there’s no other option.


Honestly get that big big money bro. But it’s def not cp. It’s just nudity of a baby for art. Nude angels are seen in depictions all the time as babies for art. How is this any different??



The whole point of the Nevermind cover, at least to me, was to illustrate that, as humans, we’re programmed even at a young age, to be greedy and chase money like it’s bait on a hook.
Sure you can argue that his baby penis could have easily been photoshopped out of the cover or blurred out of focus, and I might not be inclined to disagree.
But calling it CP is a stretch.

The irony is poetic, really.


Everything is considered CP nowadays and idk why people are so eager to devalue victims by that.