Man Sentenced for Running Child Obscenity Website


Kuhlmeyer wrote many of the stories himself but also published the works of other offenders, including stories that had been previously published on Mr. Double, another website dedicated to publishing writings that detail the sexual abuse of children.

This may have had something to do with all that transpired.

Kuhlmeyer was previously convicted of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child in Sonoma County, California, in 2008 and served six years in state prison.

This looks interesting.


Criminal Division

Criminal - Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

USAO - Texas, Western

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How these people think they’re doing anything good for children is beyond me. Literally wasting funds that were specifically intended to prevent sexual abuse on online stories. Explains why there’s such a backlog of real abuse cases, I guess


Anyone intending on fighting this, though?


I mean, he plead guilty. Sounds like he’s not intending on fighting it


Given the fact that he got 33 years, the terms of the plea deal must have sucked. I mean, if your life is going to be destroyed anyway, why not go for broke?


33 years for stories? Seriously!?


This news fits the other thread. You are truly not even safe in California, yes it was not possession, but afaik even importing or state-cross delivery can be illegal.

USA might be an awful place for Lolicons the more I think about it. Better off in a state where it is illegal, but punishment is much, much lower. What the fuck is this sentencing.


He was already convicted for abusing a child. That probably did not help his case. Some stories were also accompanied by photorealistic images.


Ah, that makes more sense.


Notwithstanding his prior convictions for abusing a real child, this man’s First Amendment rights were violated. Matters of obscenity are not matters of fact, merely that of opinion and conjecture. Had this man chose to challenge the charges against him, we may have been able to provide expert testimony from authoritive figures in psychology, arts and art history to educate/inform the court of their serious value, in addition to dispelling these repugnant and revolting types of cases.

The fact that he got less time for crimes involving a real child for matters that aren’t even based in reality only serves as an indictment against the reasonableness of these types of prosecutions.

This is literally thoughtcrime, the focus being the types of feelings one may feel when exposed to this, guided by misinformed and prejudiced lay assumptions about media and their effects on people.

It will end by this decade, assuming we can get functional liberals on the bench by then.


Functional being the operative word. Not ones who simply replace the right’s “degenerate” labels with “problematic”. I’ll be honestly selfish and say that freedom and tolerance are worthless, if I am not free and tolerated.


Seems that, under the Biden admin, they pick their targets carefully.

This is the same guy from this article.

Former radio station KZST reporter and news anchor Ron Kirk Kuhlmeyer was sentenced to six years in state prison this morning in Sonoma County Superior Court for committing three or more lewd and lascivious acts with a girl under age 14.

Kuhlmeyer, 49, faced up to 16 years in prison as recommended by the county’s probation department. He pleaded guilty in March to one count alleging three of the acts and 14 other counts were dismissed at sentencing.

Kuhlmeyer told Judge Elliot Daum he betrayed the victim, his family, his coworkers, friends and himself.

“How can I say I’m sorry and have it mean anything,” he asked during a tearful address to the court.

Kuhlmeyer said he pleaded guilty because it was “the right thing to do” and so the young victim would not have to testify. The girl was his daughter’s friend and was 11 years old when the sexual conduct began in July 2004, the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office said.

The girl sat on Kuhlmeyer’s lap as he used his home computer and the conduct progressed to fondling her breast and inner thigh, using obscene and sexually explicit language and exposing himself to her, the prosecution said. The conduct lasted until Sept. 30, 2007. The girl is now 15.

Deputy District Attorney Daniel Cohan said Kuhlmeyer owned 3,700 images and 50 movies of “graphic child pornography,” which he viewed several times a week.

Cohan said the conduct was not an isolated incident and Kuhlmeyer progressively groomed the girl over three years. He said the victim told him “no” and bit him on the arm during the beginning of the offensive conduct.

Daum said the fact Kuhlmeyer didn’t perceive the consequences of his conduct at that time “is stunning to the court.”

The victim told Daum she is having trouble sleeping and that Kuhlmeyer caused her “great grief and suffering.” She said she suffers from depression and has lost trust in herself and others.

“No means no, not inviting you to do whatever you want to do,” she said. She said Kuhlmeyer “made it a game” and was selfish.

Defense attorney Chris Andrian said Kuhlmeyer was “appropriately remorseful” and that he pleaded guilty not to “take the easy way out” as the victim’s family suggested but so the girl wouldn’t have to testify in order to prove the charges. Andrian argued for probation and treatment citing a doctor’s report stating Kuhlmeyer could be rehabilitated.

Daum acknowledged there were positive aspects to the doctor’s report but he said he was concerned about Kuhlmeyer’s rationalization and his minimizing of his behavior in his statements to the probation department.

He said Kuhlmeyer “is a long way” from addressing and dealing with his behavior because he stated the sexual conduct could have been worse than it was compared to other convicted sex offenders.

Daum said the sentencing must also send a warning to others in the community who are thinking about grooming an 11-year-old for sexual gratification.

I have to admit, this is depressing. This man paid his debt to society, and none of his activities that are relevant to this case seem to be based on or were involved in the sexualization or sexual exploitation of real children in any way.

I guess it’s a good thing that it wasn’t someone who wasn’t a demonstrated risk to children, with no prior convictions, but the chilling effect this might have on the majority of those who’ve done nothing in their past or are just looking for a much-needed fantasy outlet for their mental health and artistic and gratificatory needs.


he was charged in Texas, I think they just mentioned that he was from there.


This shows in the article.

Trial Attorneys Austin M. Berry and Adam Braskich of the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) and Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandi Young for the Western District of Texas prosecuted the case.

FWIW, this case was not just about cartoon images downloaded from Japan.

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He got 6 years for sexually abusing a minor and owning 3500+ files of CSAM? How is that possible? Looks like a joke compared to this crime.

Also, it is just true that lolicon and other fictional outlets are never truly legal in the USA. It is just too much of a risk when you look at the way they add up all these charges to draconian sentences.
The very moment someone “transports” or “imports” lolicon they are basically entering a gray area. Yes, every alternative porn can fall in here, but the moral panic is always gonna target this kind of stuff.

USA is a hypocritical joke not worthy of being THE freedom nation.


There are pastors who’ve done far, far worse whose victims have taken their own lives, that have never had to walk into a jail cell.

It’s disgusting, it’s so warped that it’s blatantly indefensible. It just goes to show that the targeting of fiction is about causing harm, not about righting wrongs or having ‘justice’. Justice is never about accommodating prejudice or preferential offense.

The materials that this man was prosecuted for are and were objectively harmless, and, in time, the civil rights violations levied against this man will be corrected.


The obscenity precedents were not good law, and they will be overturned. It just needs someone to challenge it. Imagine how many times sodomy laws went challenged until one finally stuck.


No. This is an awful thing. It is basic principle that laws apply to everyone. Who you are, or what you did in the past does not matter. It can only have an influence on your punishment (good, or bad), but it can never grant you immunity for it.

This is the very definition of despotism and a trademark of an Unrechtsstaat. If the law does not allow for such use then it should not exist.


If such a principle were to be followed appropriately, then the doctrine itself wouldn’t be non-existent, because the First Amendment is intended to protect all speech unless it is intrinsically tied to some level of harm. Obscenity laws are not and cannot be used to pursue such ends, as shown in Ashcroft.

“[t]he Miller standard, like all general definitions of what may be banned as obscene, does not reflect the State’s particular and more compelling interest in prosecuting those who promote the sexual exploitation of children.” 458 U.S., at 761.

I’m not saying it’s a good thing that only those with CSEM or previous convictions for CSE-related offenses are targeted like this, but it does mean that they’re not going to target those who are without.


Well, they, along with Japan, stood up to the true evil of the world, the UN.