Map and lolicon here

Hi everyone, I’m a new user here and I don’t really know how things work here, but I wanted to introduce myself and share my experience.

As you may have read, I am map and lolicon, only English is not my first language, (sorry if there are spelling errors) My first language is Spanish, but I have experience with communities in English. I found out what I am when I turned 18, and at that moment I felt that I had no salvation, because I had already internalized that the maps were monstrous. Luckily I met users who opened my eyes and from there I accept who I am, but without telling anyone IRL.

Well, I also wanted to say that things here for lolicons and maps (at least from my experience) are a bit worse here. In communities and internet discussions about lolicon (at least from my experience) they usually have a better balance than here, that is, for every 100 antis there can be 20 lolicons or pro-ships, on the other hand, here almost no one is willing to defend the art loli or lolicons.

You can find yourself on social networks as there are groups dedicated to humiliating and making fun of even liking a loli character, screenshots, comments like we are weirdos, pedophiles and other things that you have probably already heard. In fact, the great youtubers tend to promote this hatred and prejudice towards lolicons. There are few that I have heard that come to criticize the antis and their puritanical discourse.

It’s frustrating not having anyone who is willing to defend you or at least understand you and that’s why I hide my tastes.

Everything said above is just for the lolicon thing, because when it comes to maps, things are obviously worse. At least on social networks I have come across anti-contact maps, but only people who speak English, because on this side of the world, none. Only pro-c maps, but I’d rather not deal with them.

I totally skip any video that talks about the subject of pedophilia and maps because they are always videos full of prejudice, discrimination or just incomplete videos.

Sorry if this kind of thing is not allowed here, but I really wanted to share this and maybe add with my experience to the topic. (I can delete it if possible) I hope I didn’t write much, but I tried to summarize it as best as I could.


Welcome to the forum! In terms of what you’re allowed to discuss here, everything in your post looks fine to me, though I see it got marked as spam by the system for unrelated reasons. I went in and undid that, so you should be good to go.

I can’t say I’m all that knowledgeable on lolicon communities, but as the founder of a website focused on compiling support resources for MAPs, I’ve also noticed that there is a significant lack of Spanish-speaking support services for MAPs.

Hopefully you’ll find that this forum is a bit more supportive than most public spaces, considering our focus on supporting marginalized groups and opposing overreaching “child protection” measures that would infringe on free speech and harmless fictional content.

By the way, if you’re looking for non-stigmatizing content about MAPs, Prostasia’s YouTube channel has some excellent videos.


Thank you! (Filler words)


I’m new here too and trying to figure things out, but for what it’s worth I am a lolicon too and spanish is my first language. c:


Thanks, it’s always nice to find people like me :3


Welcome Gaby,
Similarly, I was a teenager when I discovered that my primary attraction was to girls quite younger than myself and it took me several years to come to terms with that. I also rely upon fictional material and the few places where MAPs can communicate to mostly sedate my sexual attractions. I use to enjoy loli on a lot in my teens through 20’s but my general interest in all anime declined as graphics improved. My primary outlets nowadays are dolls, 3DCGI, and virtual worlds online. Within such a virtual world, I have a partner in Spain. Despite having used a translator to chat with each other daily for the past five years, neither of us has really improved our grasp of each other’s language beyond certain words or phrases. Everyone deserves a space where they can be themselves and we refused to let language get in the way.


Welcome @GabyGaby :innocent:


Thank you. @Stargazer @Angel
At first I was quite nervous when I wrote the post, but I’m glad that everything turned out better than I expected, I’m glad to know that they are so kind here. I have faith that one day there will be more forums and foundations like prostasia. :slightly_smiling_face:


Complete opposite here. I lived with my family for a long time and everyone knew I was a Lolicon. My friends know it, too. They only make fun of it, but do not take it serious.

Used to comment on local sites with a name like “LoliEnjoyer” and voiced my love for Lolis and nobody cared - still got top comment etc.
Hiding something makes it seem worse, but being confident reduces the weirdness of it. If you feel comfy others will as well. Surely not with pedophilia, but Lolicon.


I’m not sure if you are describing “loli” as in basic anime involving young girls, or “lolicon” as hentai involving young girls. Sure my family and coworkers knew I was into anime and some of it was definitely loli… but I had to keep secret the lolicon.
Even if I didn’t have any minor attractions, there is no way I could convince most people that there is no relationship between hentai lolicon and minor attractions. I surely wouldn’t want to explain toddlercon.