Mastercard: "Protecting our network, protecting you: Preventing illegal adult content on our network"

Mastercard to crack down on illegal* adult content.

Every day, our teams use a combination of technology and best practices to monitor and protect our network and all who interact with it.

Long ago, we established the rules and standards that govern the use of our payments network. Chief among these is that we do not and will not permit merchants to engage in unlawful activity on our network.

For all the investments we have made, there’s still more work to be done.

That’s why today we’re taking an even more active stance against the potential for unauthorized and illegal adult content. This starts by ensuring there are strong content control measures on sites where our products are accepted.

*obviously nebulous

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So that’s the plan huh?

You can’t ban pornography but you can cut off people’s access to it under the guise of safety, effectively eliminating it in the process.

I can see plenty of other financial companies doing this in the near future.

And no ‘‘they are a private company’’ is not and never will be a valid excuse.

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