Met Chief Says Millions At Risk

The scale of this is way beyond policing and the justice system and we need a frank conversation about it, that looks at prevention work, protective work, as well as enforcement … work.

It’s an interesting report.

Lovely. When your own sworn officers are a major part of the problem, now it’s a national concern. Suddenly NOW it’s everyone else’s problem. This is what you get banning every sexual outlet and attempting to create the most puritanical society.


Limiting the scope to where it only covers depictions of real minors would be a great start. They’re about to escalate the war on CSE to be a war against human psychology, and that’s an unwinnable war.


This sounds like sexism. Blaming men for all problems. This article is promoting misandry and fear of men. Shameful.


not at all surprised that this article only cares about abuse perpetrated by men, but not abuse perpetrated by women (also not surprised that there’s no mention of male victims)