Micro Sponsorship?

I am the Executive Director of the Lolicon Defense Task Force and I’m planning to sign the LDTF up under the Micro-business Sponsorship since we do not even remotely have the funds to join under a Foundation Sponsor.

So my question is, with the Micro-business status, what extra benefits not listed are we eligible for? The eligibility to be considered for a position of the Board of Directors? Joining Prostasia at any events they are invited to? I’ll assume any special perks are exclusive to Foundation members but it’s worth a shot asking anyway. It won’t impact our decision to join but it’ll give us an idea on what to expect.

Thanks for your support! Any level of sponsorship is welcome. Formally becoming an Advisor is a decision discussed and agreed by consensus within the existing Advisory Council so we can’t promise this to new sponsors, but in we can definitely promise to informally consult with you and to be available to hear your concerns and news. You would also be eligible to use our No Children Harmed certification if otherwise eligible. But in general the entry level of sponsorship is a way to show solidarity and support rather than for tangible benefits.

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Lolicon Defense Task force? That sounds quite fascinating. What’s your story then? I bet you have quite a bit to tell, Lieutenant Loli.

We’ve been active since 2007, mainly providing people in need of help or info with reliable sources. Recently, we’ve started transitioning into a official non-profit similar to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund with plans to register in Maine, Oregon and Virginia - Oklahoma and California is possible after.

Anything I can do to help you accomplish your goals?