Minor MAPs need support, but society is failing them

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I was 14 years old when I realized that the attractions I was feeling towards younger kids weren’t normal. Scared and confused, I turned to the internet, where I found supportive voices and useful information, but quickly stumbled across extreme hatred. Terrified, I resolved to push this part of me deep inside, hoping it would…


How minor MAPS are approached societally and institutionally is important but I don’t think a specific emphasis on their situation is particularly helpful. Minor MAPS will grow up to be adult MAPS, and from what I’ve seen, discourse on Minor MAPS almost inevitably devolves into “Minor MAPS should be treated with compassion and humanity because they’re minors”, instead of “Minor MAPS should be treated with compassion and humanity because there’s absolutely nothing inherently wrong with being a MAP”.

The result of this is a very common sentiment that minor MAPS deserve treatment and support by virtue of being “children”, but the moment they become adults, they inherit the the responsibility for their own “MAP’ness” and become your disgusting run-of-the-mill pedophile.

Speaking anecdotally, I feel there comes about an almost perverse balancing act here, with supporting MAPS and condemning minors both being unpalatable, condoning bigotry and barbarism towards adult MAPS becomes a way to reaffirm being on the right side of both societal attitudes after engaging with uncomfortable reality of minor MAPS.


I agree that talking about minor MAPs is unlikely to be effective in convincing people who actively attack and are bigoted towards MAPs, but I think you’re overlooking the potential impact on people who have less strong opinions or are simply misinformed on the matter. For those who truly care about kids, exposing them to the existence and experiences of minor MAPs forces them to reevaluate the harm that can be caused by unjustified or misplaced hatred in a way that talking about MAPs in general often doesn’t. There are certainly some who will try to use the “well it’s only ok if they’re a minor” excuse, but I think a substantial number understand that’s bullshit and that the challenges kids face don’t magically disappear or become their fault just because they become an adult.

Focusing specifically on minor MAPs is also important because it is substantially harder for them to find and access support. Spreading this information helps parents understand the possibility that their child could be a MAP and gives them the information and resources they need to be supportive if that ends up being the case. I also included a list of resources, which makes it easier for those who want to make a positive difference in this area to share them.

I do agree that the impact is limited when the focus is specifically on minor MAPs, but I don’t think that means it’s inherently negative or not worth talking about.


As intelligent as we are, Humans are really good at being their own worst enemy.

We underfund positive and productive humanitarian programs.

We exacerbate problems through ostracization, stereotyping, and stigmatization.

We cause fear, chaos, and confusion on antiquated beliefs, poorly conducted research and inconclusive studies, and give too much factor over-generalized emotional conclusions.

We proudly sign bills to eliminate possible solutions to current problems; solutions that come with fewer consequence in allowing them to remain available than not.

We jump to conclusions about the entirety of another person’s persona just by them being part of some majorly disliked group, fetish, or ideology; blanket discrimination at the unique individual level.

Criminalizing in the guise of justice where the end result actually serves injustice.

The list goes on indefinitely. It’s so angering, hilarious, and saddening all at once.

Pedophilia is not child abuse. It is not an action. There are several ways to indulge that do not include another living being. It is an attraction to a body shape and/or mindset first, before it is split into several other subjective meanings. The only problem is the poor societal response to it because it is firmly correlated to insinuate child abuse.

What’s even more interesting is everything I’ve said here can be cherry-picked, and then spun around in a way that makes what I’ve said read as pro-contact and pro-abuse. Anything that can be said on the subject that attempts to clear up and separate “child abuse” from the word “pedophile” is interpreted poorly and not the way we intended for it to be interpreted. We can’t seem to be able to say anything without it being misconstrued and being attacked.

Still, I wish for one day that human progression to make its way on the global agenda.


I would say it is, there’s no shortage of MAPS will tell that their attractions consist of both sexual and romantic feelings towards children.

Are there MAPS who claim to be attracted the only the childlike form and childlike qualities with said attraction not extending to real children? Sure there are, and I’m sure the majority are being sincere when they say that. Perhaps for them, the term Sexual Orientation would not be apt.

Those cases are probably the exception as opposed to the rule, given the rarity of such “form only” attractions in those with more let’s say… orthodox sexual preferences.


That’s fair. It’s repulsive to society no matter which way it’s viewed. I tried to make it more about the materialistic way of viewing it (sexual interest in a material or metaphysical concept), and less about the biological way of viewing it (sexual interest in an organism). In the end, or rather, as of current, it doesn’t really matter.

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